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Choke Point: India - The Leopard in the Well
Infographic: Test Your Knowledge with the Water and Energy Quiz

Think you know all there is to know about the intersection between water and energy? Take the Choke Point: U.S. quiz to find out.

How much water does the coal industry withdraw per year? Where are the majority of hydropower dams in the United States? How many gallons of water does it take to drive one mile using biofuels?

Click through the interactive graphic below to test your knowledge of the choke point between U.S. water supply and energy demand. Explore the statistics associated with biofuel, oil, and natural gas production; coal mining and burning; hydroelectric dams; and solar power.

Graphic © Daniel Cooper/Ball State University for Circle of Blue
Water and energy quiz. Click the interactive graphic to learn more.

Graphic by Daniel Cooper, a graduate student at Ball State University, with contribution from Danielle Aber, Amanda DePrisco, Kelly Shea, Mark Townsend, and supervised by Jennifer Palilonis.

Water Energy Facts U.S. Hydropower Hydroelectric Hoover Dam United States Choke Point

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  1. We are finding this so fascinating, as we are trying to pomote our product, GoFlushless, as a water conservation and energy conservation product. The amount of water that goes down the toilet is staggering, and of course the whole life cycle of getting the water to the toilet and out to the septic field or sewage treatment facility. Please visit our website, We would like to hear form you!
    Jane & Bill

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