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The Global Rundown Farmers in India’s Maharashtra state debated how much water should be held or released by the state’s dams as they struggle with drought, while government officials in South Africa said they may set aside more emergency funds to aid drought-affected farmers in the country. China signed a multi-million-dollar deal to build water […]
Australia, which suffered the severe consequences of a deep drought that ended in 2012, made big investments in coal production and export infrastructure. The question is, will that investment have substantial value over the 35-year design life of the facilities? Here, a coal loading terminal near Sydney.
U.S. Congress on an island of reflexive denial.
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The Global Rundown California may keep rules restricting water use in place even after drought conditions subside. South Africa’s largest water provider is facing daily deficits between water demand and its water storage capabilities. Scientists in Brazil say the tailings dam failure at an iron ore mine could affect rivers and streams in the region […]
El Nino Droughts Take Toll in Africa Asia and the Pacific
Millions of people from Australia to Ethiopia are facing water shortages, failed harvests, and food insecurity.
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The Global Rundown A severe drought in South Africa forced utilities to put in place water restrictions for Johannesburg and other major cities, while state officials in drought-hit California prepared for floods from El Nino. Dry weather in Europe is creating a shortage of oil in some inland countries due to low river levels. Residents […]
The Global Rundown A drought in Ethiopia is putting millions of people at risk of hunger, according to aid organizations, while extreme rainfall over the weekend triggered flash floods in Texas. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency could have prevented a spill of toxic wastewater from a Colorado mine, a new report found, and earthquakes in […]
The Global Rundown Water supplies are tight in South Africa due to a drought and high demand, according to a utility serving two of the country’s major cities. Conflict and erratic rainfall threaten millions of people with food insecurity in South Sudan, while urbanization is pressuring Kenya’s Lake Nakuru. A bottling plant in China was […]
The Global Rundown Below-normal monsoon rains this summer left India in a drought for the second year in a row. Zambia’s former vice president blamed poor water management for the country’s hydropower troubles. A new report from an international medical organization detailed the high costs of chemicals in the environment. Forecasters warned that heavy rains […]
The Global Rundown Dry conditions in Australia’s Murray-Darling River Basin are testing the region’s water rights system, which is meant to keep enough water in the river to support a healthy environment. Meanwhile, water quality near the Great Barrier Reef remains poor. In Canada, scientists warned that Alberta tar sands operations may not be able […]
Strategies must bridge political jurisdictions and reflect local water conditions.
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