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The Global Rundown A three-year drought in Haiti threatens millions of people with hunger, the United Nations warned, while the contaminated water used to grow vegetables in Tanzania’s cities places consumer health at risk. After two years of drought, barges are once again traveling on a key waterway used to transport agricultural products in Brazil. […]
The Global Rundown Zimbabwe announced plans to declare a national emergency as it faces food shortages amid a severe drought, while water levels rose at Kariba dam, potentially avoiding a shutdown of one of Zambia’s major hydropower plants. Coal last year dropped to its smallest portion of U.S. electricity generation since records began, an Australian […]
The Global Rundown A severe drought may double or even triple the number of people needing emergency food aid in Zimbabwe. Drinking water quality has declined in South Africa, a government report found, while the economic costs of a lead-contaminated drinking water crisis in Flint, Michigan, may just be starting. Projects to clean up Brazil’s […]
2016-01-20 South Africa KSchneider Croc7
Metcroc farm is full of slow moving product that doesn't bite....hard.
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The Global Rundown Water supplies in Zimbabwe’s dams may not last until the start of the October rainy season due to a a severe drought stretching across southern Africa. Droughts linked to El Nino have also exacerbated food shortages and humanitarian crises in the Asia-Pacific region, where UNICEF is appealing for millions of dollars to […]
2016-01 South Africa 2 KSchneider_IMG_5866
In rare instance of unity, people eye government's blunders, not each other.
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Drought restrictions and wet summers shake utility budgets. Researchers propose a new financial tool.
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2016-01 South Africa 1 KSchneider_Coal-fired power plants east of Joburg
Cities run dry and harvests retreat in an already reeling nation.
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The Global Rundown India introduced a new crop insurance program and plans to expand insurance coverage to protect farmers following two consecutive years of drought. Wastewater infrastructure in the United States needs hundreds of billions of dollars in upgrades, the Environmental Protection Agency found. Carbon emissions rose dramatically in Southeast Asia over the past 20 […]
The Global Rundown Forecasters predict record temperatures will hit Johannesburg later this week, and a heatwave across South Africa is expected to place further stress on diminishing water supplies. Meanwhile, southern England could experience water restrictions later this year despite extensive winter flooding in the North, and Indonesia is preparing for floods from a possible […]