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The Global Rundown Drought in Brazil is causing a bottleneck on Argentina‘s main shipping route, the now-too-shallow Parana River. Many farmers in the Marathwada region of India have chosen suicide instead of facing debt they cannot repay with drought-racked crops. Minnesota scientists are making a voyage across Lake Superior, taking water samples all the way. […]
This drought is different, people say — much different.
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Transparency , accountability, and civic participation are key to improving Sao Paulo’s water security.
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irrigation gate in Coachella Valley
A vortex of attention swirls around industrial activity that does not consume much water.
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Palm Springs golf course
Water for swimming pools, golf courses, car washes at front lines of fresh scrutiny.
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Era of ample water supply and cheap prices is ending.
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California’s Imperial Valley is a desert region that uses three quarters of California’s allocated river water, moving to farm field through canals like these.
When "The World" wanted to know about global drought conditions last week, producers from one of the important news programs on National Public Radio called Circle of Blue.
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Another dry winter forces political pressure for action.
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California Drought Responses Must Feed Water Strategy Long-Term The drought emergency could be a cauldron for new water management ideas and practices, according to a panel of experts. An increasingly acute social and ecological disaster, California’s drought emergency is an opportunity for officials, regulators, and managers to rethink a complex system of water rights, groundwater […]
The Global Rundown Increasingly severe droughts in the western United States could give utilities more power to set higher prices for water. Ireland’s government is considering ways to make people pay their water bills, while making Los Angeles’ water systems resilient to earthquakes could cost billions. Dozens of people die each day in the Philippines […]