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Search Results for ‘drought’
Del Puerto Water District to buy a third of its water supply from Modesto and Turlock treatment plants.
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People need to be in the equation too, says Circle of Blue report Brett Walton.
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Citizen petition calls for higher fees on Nestle and other bottled water companies while authorities worry about trade agreement implications.
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The Rundown California drought bill targets fish, water operations, and storage. NOAA releases nutrient pollution forecasts for Lake Erie and Chesapeake Bay. A new data tool hopes to reduce the risk of dam failure. EPA report looks at the financial costs and benefits of climate action while issuing new regulations for underground storage tanks. NOAA […]
The Global Rundown A severe drought grips the Caribbean, and the death toll from a heat wave in Pakistan continues to rise. Australia could get most of its electricity from renewable sources by 2040, while a federal judge in the western United States stalled the implementation of new fracking regulations. Liquid water flowed on Mars […]
The Global Rundown Floods in the U.S. Plains have helped lift a drought in the region, and wet weather is here to stay. Atlanta, Georgia is greatly expanding its emergency water supply, Nairobi, Kenya, is experimenting with water ATMs, and Florida environmental groups are suing the state over conservation budgets. A Canada-based water company recalled […]
In response to truculent planet, conserving water, limiting climate emissions, and achieving "net zero" energy use are top priorities.
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The Rundown The Gulf of Mexico dead zone is forecasted to be average. Good news for Lake Mead — more water — but bad news for Lake Shasta: a miscalculation means less cold water for salmon. California drought bill gets a public airing while the Delta tunnels project gets another review. The U.S. Forest Service […]
The Rundown The president discusses drought with western governors. More problems, more money for communities affected by drought. NOAA’s National Water Center opens new facility. The USGS tests a water gun. Reclamation releases a new basin study, in Idaho. Columbia River Treaty negotiations will be broader. “Fortunately, this bipartisan legislation will stop the final rule […]
The Global Rundown Mexico‘s only oil and gas company has discovered large hydrocarbon reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. A new study shows that most kids and teens in the United States are dehydrated. The drought in California is ushering in a new form of vigilante justice. “When you’re trying to do your best personally, […]