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Irrigated agriculture’s march into Midwest and South could increase competition for water.
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Everyone has a groundwater story.
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Rainfall has been far below average in Lebanon, leading to water shortages for farmers and a drop in fruit and vegetable production, Inter Press Service reported. As a result, food prices are rising and straining food security for Syrian refugees and border communities in the country. Energy China’s National Energy Administration cautioned regional developers to […]
But a lukewarm response in the world’s technology capital.
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India A drought in northern India has prompted gangs of bandits to demand a daily payment of water from local communities, the Associated Press reported. The bandits said they would shoot community members if they failed to deliver 35 buckets of water each day. Delays and deficits of monsoon rainfall are drying up farm fields […]
California Drought New rules passed in California Tuesday will impose up to $US 500 fines on residents caught wasting water on lawns, cars and sidewalks, NPR reported, citing the Associated Press and the Los Angeles Times. Despite the severe, 3-year drought, residents in the state have not reached water conservation goals through voluntary measures alone. […]
Record reductions in river flows will be offset by pumping more water from aquifers.
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Despite drying conditions, four states plan additional water projects.
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California Drought As much as 1,150 megawatts of energy production could shut down if water supplies for power plants in drought-hit California are not secured, according to the state’s grid operator, Bloomberg News reported. Several of the state’s energy agencies have warned that the drought could threaten grid reliability, though current restrictions on water use […]
The Federal Reserve’s assessment of current economic conditions, known as the beige book, notes that drought is affecting food prices and crop production. With cattle stocks the lowest in decades, beef prices are expected to rise, as are food prices more broadly because of California’s drought, the Fed claims. In Texas, wheat is in poor […]