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Snow survey
Snowpack in the already-parched state is near record lows, just 25 percent of normal.
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The Rundown California drought plan has three goals. India and the United States cooperate on clean energy. Industry and regulators agree to phase out copper brakes while the uranium industry faces new rules to protect groundwater. At the same time, pollution is rising in America’s aquifers. The political crisis in Yemen has environmental roots. A […]
The Global Rundown Brazil’s severe drought is spreading throughout the country’s largest metropolitan regions, including Rio de Janeiro. Widespread floods in Africa have left thousands in need of food and water aid, while water scarcity in Gaza has led to a growing number of potentially unsafe desalination plants. Japan will miss its deadline to clean […]
The Global Rundown After some promising rainstorms to close out 2014, California has returned to dry weather. One of the state’s fiercest water wars, however, may be coming to an end. China says Beijing’s tap water is safe following the arrival of supplies from the South-North transfer project, and the China Development Bank is planning […]
Precipitation was near average, but temperatures smashed the previous heat record.
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Most aquifers in the state have dropped to record lows.
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The Global Rundown A severe drought is threatening food security in Central America. Los Angeles’ water supply is at risk from earthquakes, the newest section of China’s South-North project is now delivering water, and Jordan’s water sector desperately needs investment. Brazil found super bacteria at the 2016 Olympic sailing site, while the United States passed […]
Just look at the Texas drought -- California could be waiting years to recover.
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The Rundown House Republicans try again to send more water to San Joaquin Valley farmers, but President Obama says he’ll veto the bill. The Senate Agriculture Committee talks about agriculture and water pollution, while a Seattle Superfund site gets a $US 342 million prescription. Congress passes a water rights settlement in the Colorado River Basin […]
The Global Rundown Rain is falling in California, but the state will need a lot more of it to break a three-year drought. Vietnam is predicting drought in the Mekong Delta next year, while Great Lakes water levels are rising. China is spending billions on a new fund to fight pollution, and Kiribati is pessimistic […]