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Unprepared for more years of drought, basin states work to preserve Lake Powell.
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Abe Sanchez, a mechanic at the C.W. Jones Pumping Plant, looks for the source of a small water leak in one of the facility's massive electrical pumps.
A landmark management plan brings together state and federal agencies to prioritize human health, water quality, and fish.
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Queensland’s rush to build desalination and recycled water facilities is a cautionary tale.
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Sierra Nevada snowpack, a major part of California’s water supply equation, is near record lows.
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Asia Vast fires in Indonesia have started earlier in the season than usual and are spreading widely, in part due to a severe drought gripping Southeast Asia, the Guardian reported. The fires, which may have been started illegally to clear land for palm oil and paper plantations, are creating hazardous air pollution in cities like […]
To the pile of existing state and federal legislation that provides drought and disaster relief to California and the U.S. West, add two more bills. First, a bipartisan contribution from two Northern California congressmen. John Garamendi, a Democrat, and Doug LaMalfa, a Republican, are using the drought to justify a new reservoir in their territory. […]
California, in the third year of its worst drought ever, faces challenges similar to those of Australia. A panel of water policy experts and Circle of Blue journalists questioned whether the nation’s most populous state has the resolve to enact similar reforms.
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State leaders face infrastructure decisions now that will have consequences for decades.
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How should California respond to its water challenge? Join the Conversation
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Confusion about California's drought stems from the failure of some scientists, bloggers, reporters, and others to distinguish among three separate questions.