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Water & Food Central America, Africa, Pacific More than half a million people in Honduras and 3 million people in Central America are facing hunger due to a drought that has destroyed crops and caused food prices to spike, according to the Red Cross, Reuters reported. The conditions are forcing more people to migrate or […]
Steeled by past drought, governor is reshaping how largest U.S. state uses and distributes water.
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Circle of Blue photographer documents Central Valley water shortage.
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Better plans and more data are needed to guide response.
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Drought Vast clouds of water vapor that typically flow from the Amazon rainforest to southern Brazil failed last year, possibly causing the severe drought that is afflicting cities like Sao Paulo, Climate News Network reported. Scientists believe that deforestation in the Amazon basin and climate change are to blame for stopping the flow of water […]
Water Supply An ongoing, severe drought in Brazil’s Sao Paulo state has prompted rationing for 2 million people in 18 cities and threatens the water supplies of 20 million people, Bloomberg News reported. Nonetheless, elected officials–many up for reelection this fall–are playing down the water crisis. North America’s “water tower”–the Rocky Mountains–is increasingly drying out […]
United States At least 182 households in California’s San Joaquin valley no longer have running water in their homes due to the ongoing drought, prompting bottled water distributions by emergency services, the Associated Press reported. Circle of Blue’s latest story about the drought explains how a well-drilling “free-for-all” by the agriculture industry is behind the […]
Farmers are guzzling groundwater while wells of families run dry.
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Little rain is not a problem for land managers working in the aftermath of one of California’s largest fires.
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Energy Dam levels are at historic lows in regions of Brazil that produce 70 percent of the country’s hydropower, Bloomberg News reported. Further, rains from an El Nino weather event are no longer likely to replenish the dam reservoirs, according to forecasters, meaning Brazil will continue to rely on thermoelectric plants to bridge the energy […]