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Choke Point: India - The Leopard in the Well
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Opportunity to shift from coal to cleaner energy is real and needed.
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Giulio Boccaletti is the global managing director for water at The Nature Conservancy. He talks with Circle of Blue about the Sustainable Development subgoal to protect and restore water-related ecosystems and how it represents a shift in thinking about how to provide communities with safe water.
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The world's largest aquifers are under stress, according to a decade of data from the GRACE satellites.
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Hydro Resources drilling a well near Sublette, Kansas.
Scientists do not know how much groundwater is left.
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Across continents and hemispheres, a growing list of human and environmental pressures threaten the world’s largest lakes, inhibiting their ability to supply water, drive economic activity, preserve biodiversity, and sustain communities.
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Lana Pollack is the U.S. Chair of the International Joint Commission
Lana Pollack, U.S. Chair of the IJC, talks with Circle of Blue last month in Chicago about some of the most pressing issues in the Great Lakes region.
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Senior editor Keith Schneider wonders if maybe a spokesperson and Xbox games are needed.
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canal transhipment590
Deeper channels and immense new locks are due to open in 2016.
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Like with any spending plan, water programs, because of their diversity, seesawed in the president’s budget request. Some programs were down, some up. Two programs that tipped way down were the state revolving funds, which provide low-interest loans to drinking water and sewer projects. President Obama requested a 25 percent cut. The president also requested […]
The 1989 revolution that ended Communist rule and freed the Czech people is a vivid example of human persistence and valor.
PRAGUE -- City Square erupted at the start of the 2014 New Year with a deafening and blazing midnight fusilade of rockets and cannon blasts.
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