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Senior editor Keith Schneider wonders if maybe a spokesperson and Xbox games are needed.
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canal transhipment590
Deeper channels and immense new locks are due to open in 2016.
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Like with any spending plan, water programs, because of their diversity, seesawed in the president’s budget request. Some programs were down, some up. Two programs that tipped way down were the state revolving funds, which provide low-interest loans to drinking water and sewer projects. President Obama requested a 25 percent cut. The president also requested […]
The 1989 revolution that ended Communist rule and freed the Czech people is a vivid example of human persistence and valor.
PRAGUE -- City Square erupted at the start of the 2014 New Year with a deafening and blazing midnight fusilade of rockets and cannon blasts.
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In late November at the Summit on the Global Agenda convened in Abu Dhabi, the World Economic Forum published the new book, Sustainable Consumption: Stakeholder Perspectives. Included is this essay by J. Carl Ganter, Circle of Blue's managing director.
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The Rapid Destruction of the Mesopotamian Marshlands
The inauguration of Iraq’s first national park earlier this summer represents a step toward national rebuilding for the war-torn country. But restoration of Iraq’s marshes also offers a grander vision for regional water cooperation throughout the Middle East and elsewhere.
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The 67th session of the UN General Assembly, which ended on Monday, featured a number of globally prominent leaders worried about the planet's water supply and quality.
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The time is increasingly right for high-level action, the group’s water policy advisor tells Circle of Blue.
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Monsoon rainfall is 14 percent below average in India, which depends on rainwater to feed more than 50 percent of its agricultural land.
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Check back with Circle of Blue for the latest news and reports in the lead-up to, during, and after the Rio+20 conference. Make sure to stay tuned during the conference, as well, as we will be continuing our coverage through June 27.
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