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The Global Rundown Heavy rainstorms and floods, many of them deadly, struck communities in China, France, Guatemala, and South Carolina. A survey of global companies found that more are making climate change a priority. Operators of Australia’s Snowy Mountain Hydroelectric Scheme announced plans to cut back water releases due to an El Nino, while water […]
The Global Rundown New Zealand plans to close its coal-fired power plants and transition almost entirely to renewable energy sources. Acid mine drainage is a persistent pollution problem in the western United States, and protesters in Brazil continue to pressure Rio de Janeiro to clean up its Olympic waters. Turkey completed the undersea portion of […]
The Global Rundown A land and water deal in Mali has stalled, leaving residents in a precarious situation, and a landslide killed more than 60 people in Colombia. The share of renewable energy is not growing fast enough to meet international targets, climate change could significantly hinder power generation in the United States, and water […]
The Global Rundown California is warning that water wasters could face steep fines, while drought in the western United States brought Lake Mead to its lowest level on record. Djibouti is pursuing geothermal power to bring down energy prices, and Brazil and Bolivia may build a major new hydropower dam. Organizations in Latin America are […]
U.S. Drought Continues The drought has literally hit home in the rural Midwestern United States, where some citizens are turning on their faucets to find their wells have dried up, The Associated Press reported. The Missouri government will subsidize the drilling of new wells for more than 3,700 farmers and ranchers hit by extreme drought, […]
Marco Arana Peru Protest Conga Mine Police
Circle of Blue reporter Codi Yeager reports that a heavy price is being paid in the outcry against the Minas Conga gold project and its potential impact on water resources.
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Asia Pakistan’s plans to divert 86 percent of the Neelum River’s water to produce hydropower could leave the Kashmir city of Muzaffarabad without enough river flow for drinking water and sewage disposal, AlertNet reported. Water quality is extremely poor in five of China’s major bays, including the Yangtze and Pearl River estuaries, according to an […]
The Potomac River is the most endangered river in the United States, according to a new report by the environmental group American Rivers. The annual list of U.S. rivers at risk includes streams in virtually every region of the country. Several are threatened by the same types of activities: energy development or dam- and reservoir-building, […]
A South American drought keeps global grain reserves tight, but it could mean good things for North American corn producers.
A South American drought keeps global grain reserves tight, but it could mean good things for North American corn producers.
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Closing in on nearly two decades in court, this “David and Goliath” fight seems far from over. Plaintiffs contend that no amount of money can repair the damage to the environment and to the lives of the 30,000 who claim to have been affected, while the U.S. oil company has denounced the Ecuadorean court system […]
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