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Video: Google Fusion Tables Tutorial of California’s Water Data

Choke Point: Index is an on-the-ground report that finds fresh water in U.S. farming regions — just as in other major food-producing nations — is in precarious... Read More

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Just before sunrise, New York City’s skyline is reflected in the Hudson River. The world has roughly 30 megacities, including New York, which is one of two in the United States — Los Angeles being the other. Megacities are defined as metropolitan areas with populations that are greater than 10 million.

No Water, No Cities: A Review of “The Human Scale” at the Traverse City Film Festival

Danish documentary explores the beating human heart of cities but fails to examine water in the urban landscape. Read More  Read More →

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Report: UN Proposes a Common Definition for Water Security on World Water Day 2013

Water security should have a common language, and it should be a priority for global sustainable development goals, according to a new report by UN-Water. Read More  Read More →

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Video: Scarcity, Pollution, and Energy are Choke Point: China II Focus

Choke Point: China is an on-the-ground report that displays in text, photographs, and interactive graphics the powerful evidence of a potentially ruinous confrontation... Read More