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Circle of Blue and the Wilson Center team up for a Global Choke Point presentation.
To the best of anyone’s knowledge – and that includes a tribunal of senior jurists who heard testimony in the state capitol, Shillong, on January 24 – 15 men drowned in a coal mine in Meghalaya’s mineral-rich Garo Hills on July 6, 2012.
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Few places in the United States better understand the economically essential and ecologically risky accord between energy and water than this southeast Ohio town.
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Reporter Andrew Maddocks explains how a months-long labor of love came to digital fruition this week.
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India water food energy choke point infographic graphic data coal groundwater scarcity bureaucracy
India's resource problems are not those of scarcity, but rather of inefficient use and bureaucratic policies.
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After spending a month in India, Circle of Blue's India team members debrief their findings.
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Punjab irrigation water well electric pump farm farming wheat crop rice paddy water table aquifer electricity generation Choke Point India water food energy nexus Circle of Blue Wilson Center Punjab Title: Irrigation well in Punjab, India
Thanks in large part to the Green Revolution that catalyzed grain production in the mid-1960s, India ended the perennial fear of famine. But achieving food abundance has overwhelmed India's mammoth and unwieldy bureaucracy, drained its freshwater reserves, and strained the energy sector and electrical grid.
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Colorado River
Choke Point: Index is the first dynamic, open-source data and journalism project to explore the linkage between water, food and energy.
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