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coal exports

Water Scarcity Nine new coal mines could significantly draw down surface and groundwater supplies in Queensland, Australia, using 50 to 70 billion liters of water each year, according to a new report from anti-mining group Lock the Gate, the Guardian reported. Queensland politicians say the mines, which could double Australia’s coal exports, will need to […]

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A coal loader eats away at a mountain of black coal at the Port of Newcastle in New South Wales, Australia. In 2011, the mines, trains, and coal loading terminals here shipped about 114 million metric tons of coal on about 1,000 freighters, bringing billions of dollars in export earnings.

International demand and new technologies push nation to the top for hydrocarbon exports. But massive production has also created worries over water.

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A new report by a U.S.-Canadian advisory panel recommends against large-scale engineering projects to control the Great Lakes water levels, saying people across the region should instead adapt to nature’s swings, Detroit Free Press reported. Chicago has announced a $7 billion, three-year plan to transform the city’s infrastructure. The program, which will touch nearly every […]

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Weather Extremes Thousands of Australians have been forced from their homes because of floods that have risen to record levels in some areas of Queensland and New South Wales, Reuters reported. While the coal industry is largely unaffected, agriculture and properties are likely to sustain significant damage. Bad weather has gripped much of Europe as […]

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A 2008 compact designed to protect the Great Lakes against diversions is undergoing its first big test as the Great Lakes face more and more pressure to supply surrounding regions, according to WBEZ. A new map shows the regional and local impacts of climate change. As energy demand and oil prices are soaring, Arab countries […]

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A new report led by the Pacific Institute reveals that nitrate contamination in California’s groundwater is having a real impact on the state’s health, economy and environment, primarily in the San Joaquin Valley and other agricultural areas that use big amounts of fertilizers for irrigation. Nuclear Debate In an apparent contradiction to earlier statements, China […]

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