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The Global Rundown One million gallons of mine waste water have been accidentally released into a river in Colorado. Researchers in Canada have developed a device that rides on the back of a fish and measures water quality. Flooding in Myanmar has the president urging residents to evacuate. “Upon suspending work last year, the EPA […]

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The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will release its final report on the effects of fracking in 2014. The initial research findings are due next year, The New York Times Green blog reported. The study will look at the full cycle of water in hydraulic fracturing. Energy U.S. energy policy should not fixate on maximizing job […]

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Xilinhot Slideshow

Xilinhot — an Inner Mongolian outpost of 177,000 residents, separated from Beijing by a 12-hour train ride — is at the center of the Xilin Gol Grassland, one of China’s largest prairies and livestock production regions. The north’s coal mines, trucks, and power plants are representative of the nation’s coal dependency, a lifeline with an insatiable thirst for water

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