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National Intelligence Council

The Rundown Gleaning global trends from the trendy. Yucca Mountain proposal needs more analysis – groundwater this time. National Science Foundation opens wallet for water, food, energy. President Obama appoints new White House environmental adviser. Groundwater rule grounded by U.S. Forest Service. Federal water management agencies talk shop in D.C. “The global fresh water supply […]

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The Rundown Water remains on the security agenda. Infrastructure spending drops. Mexico takes steps to address its Rio Grande water deficit. Two water studies, on sewer infrastructure and tribal water use, will be delayed. Tribal water rights agreement signed. U.S.-China water-energy partnership looks for research collaborators. “Several trends are converging that will probably increase the […]

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The increasing demand for water, food, and energy is one of four “megatrends” that will shape the next 15 to 20 years, according to a National Intelligence Council report that looks at the forces creating “tectonic shifts” in how the world works. Many countries will not be able to avoid food and water shortages without […]

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The United States National Intelligence Council has just issued the Global Trends Report, which publishes every five years, reports The Guardian. The report finds that, “owing to an increase in the global population and the consumption patterns of a growing middle class,” the demand for water will grow by 40%, for energy by 50%, and […]

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In a new report, the U.S. State Department finds a global confrontation between growing water demand and shrinking supplies, in addition to predictions for the next 30 years of water scarcity.

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