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China has revealed plans to boost its desalination capacity to produce 2.2 million cubic meters (77.6 million cubic feet) of fresh water each day by 2015, Xinhua reported. The plan also calls for more than 15 percent of the water supply delivered to coastal factories to come from desalinated sea water by 2015. Winter Storms […]

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Map Weather Extremes Floods Droughts Tornados

Extreme weather events in 2011 have been numerous and diverse, prompting some analysts to link the natural disasters to climate change. Most recently, many states are under exceptional-drought and extreme-heat advisories.

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The U.S. Department of Agriculture urges more study of the climate-food nexus, Reuters reported. With world food needs projected to increase by 70 percent by 2050, water availability will be a key factor in long-term forecasts. In that case, why is the U.S. government such a staunch supporter of ethanol? A Purdue University study found […]

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The La Nina weather pattern may be playing a part in the surge of U.S. tornadoes this spring, Reuters reports. But experts said it was uncertain if climate change is responsible for the high number of natural disasters. Energy The Swiss government has decided to phase out all of the country’s five nuclear power plans, […]

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