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August 27, 2015
California Drought Signals Fundamental Shift to New Water Conditions
California Drought Signals Fundamental Shift to New Water Conditions

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Faced with a Congress that has been openly antagonistic since 1987 to updating the Clean Water Act, the nation's bedrock water pollution statute, the Obama administration is countering with executive actions to clear contamination from the nation's rivers, lakes, and coastal areas. A new E.P.A. rule to apply Clean Water Act protections to small streams goes into effect tomorrow. Still, big new areas of contaminaton exist that are beyond the authority of the White House to address and that Congress refuses to tackle with 21st century amendments – toxic spills, sewage overflows, salts, contaminated stormwater, and nutrient-rich wastes from farmland runoff.

This week Circle of Blue features three articles in a Clean Water series that probe the ramifications of Congressional resistance to updating the Clean Water Act, how the E.P.A. is responding, and ideas to make the nation's waters safer.

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  Federal Drought Policy Need Not Wait for Congress  

Natural resources agencies have the authority to change practices on their own, conservation groups argue.

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  U.S. Clean Water Law Needs New Act for the 21st Century  

Seminal water law does not address nation’s emerging water pollution challenges.

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  Los Angeles Looks to Stormwater to Secure Water Sustainability  

Second largest U.S. city confronts new era of water scarcity with innovations on a new scale.

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  California Drought and Strengthening El Nino Accelerate Statewide Water Transition  

New infrastructure, laws, and practices help the state respond to hydrologic extremes, but more are needed.

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  August 17: Animas River Mining Spill Prompts Legislative Proposal  
A New Mexico senator wants to institute royalties for hardrock mining. President Obama signs algae legislation. Clean Power Plan will deliver water benefits. Nu ...Read more...

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Daily Global Water News

  August 17: New Mexico Rivers Reopen After Toxic Spill
Olympic sailors in Rio de Janeiro are being extra careful not to contract waterborne diseases. A water-cleaning book has been successfully tested in South Afric ...Read more.

August 18: Lake Mead Forecast Should Avoid Water Cuts
Forecast water levels in Lake Mead mean that states that depend on the reservoir should avoid water cuts next year. Cuba placed its civil defense on alert due t ...Read more.

August 19: Rainfall in the Andes Could Decrease 30 Percent by 2100
Rainfall over the Andes in Bolivia and Peru could decrease dramatically in the next century. Water utilities in California are raising rates as the drought co ...Read more.

August 20: Tanzania Cuts off Water to Farmers to Protect Hydropower
In Tanzania, the government is confronting the energy food nexus by declaring hydropower plants as protected areas, thus preventing farmers from using the water ...Read more.

August 21: Study Links California Drought With Climate Change
Frackers in Texas are turning to treated sewage as a way to supply water for their operations. A study has officially linked the California drought to climate c ...Read more.


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