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November 24, 2015
Chinas Early Pivot Away From Carbon
Chinas Early Pivot Away From Carbon

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On the global resume of a world awakening to an era of ecological and economic reason, China's new reckoning with the dangerous consequences of carbon stands out.

This week,  Circle of Blue reports on how China is reworking a relationship with coal that has suddenly grown difficult.

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Well drillers for Hydro Resources drill a well near Sublette, Kansas.
  Atomic Crumbs Guide First Global Assessment of Groundwater Age  

Newer groundwater is a small fraction of total reserves

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  Hunger Spreads in Africa As El Nino Cuts Harvests  

Trifecta of drought, floods, and fighting could set the stage for a deeper food crisis in 2016.

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Though economic expansion is slowing  in China, the country is still growing over $US 700 billion annually, almost twice the growth increase in the United States. Demand for energy to build and operate mammoth residential housing projects like this one in Shenzhen remains strong, though more of the region's electricity is produced from natural gas, nuclear, and renewable power sources.
  China’s Early Pivot Away From Carbon  

World’s largest coal consumer’s challenge to lower climate-changing emissions.

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2015-05 JCGanter Colorado AspenIMG_0230-590px
  Colorado to Approve First State Water Plan  

Plan will endorse conservation, storage, and agricultural transfers as strategies to address projected water shortfall

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  Gila River Diversion Reaches Decision Point  

Fate of an expensive Southwest water supply project is at stake

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  November 16: Secretary of State Kerry Connects Climate Change and Water  
America’s top diplomat said that climate change will stress society because of water. Lake Erie algae bloom was the worst this century while researchers devel ...Read more...

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Daily Global Water News

  November 25: $16 Billion Plan For Africa Climate Adaptation Proposed
The World Bank announced a $US 16 billion plan to invest in climate adaptation projects in Africa, and a new report warned that current carbon reduction pledges ...Read more.

November 24: Weather Disasters Increased 14 Percent In Last Decade
The number of natural disasters occurring each year has increased, according to a new report from the United Nations. Floods could put thousands at risk in Ethi ...Read more.

November 23: Drought Raises Water Disputes in Maharashtra
Farmers in India's Maharashtra state debated how much water should be held or released by the state's dams as they struggle with drought, while government offic ...Read more.

November 20: European Commission Targets Greece Over Wastewater
The European Union's executive body is pursuing fines against Greece for the country's failure to address wastewater treatment problems. Poor conditions in a So ...Read more.

November 19: International Agreement Restricts Coal Financing
More than 30 countries, including the United States, agreed to dramatically scale back financing for overseas coal-fired power plants ahead of the Paris climate ...Read more.

November 18: Groundwater Dwindles in Mexico’s Chihuahua State
Farmers in Mexico's Chihuahua state are seeing their groundwater dry up, and some are moving out of the area. South Africa's abandoned gold mines pose a serious ...Read more.

November 17: U.S. Oil Draws Water From Other Countries
The production of oil used by the United States relies heavily on freshwater supplies in other countries, a new study found. El Nino will continue to strengthen ...Read more.

November 16: California Considers Keeping Water Restrictions After
California may keep rules restricting water use in place even after drought conditions subside. South Africa's largest water provider is facing daily deficits b ...Read more.

November 13: Study Finds Growing Risk to Water Supplies From Snowpack
Melting snowpack in regions around the world, including California's Central Valley and the Rio Grande basin, is expected to significantly increase the risk of  ...Read more.


Staff Commentary from In The Circle

  Commentary: Drought Influenced Syrian Civil War; So What, Says U.S. Congress
U.S. Congress on an island of reflexive denial.


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