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July 24, 2014
India’s Faltering Energy Production, Damaged Water Resources, Demand Modi’s Close Attention
India’s Faltering Energy Production, Damaged Water Resources, Demand Modi’s Close Attention

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Indians in every region of their nation, in every trade and profession, at every level of society understand that the social, economic, and ecological challenges that confront modern India could hardly get more dire. Narendra Modi, India's new prime minister, has a decent chance to make a difference because he starts his work at the place where the reality of the country's troubled prospects meets the earnest hopes of its talented and determined people.

This week, in the newest report from its two-year Choke Point: India project, Circle of Blue identifies the most urgent priorities that Modi's new government needs to work on immediately. At the very top of the list is fixing India's faltering energy production and deteriorating water reserves.

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  India’s Faltering Energy Production and Damaged Water Resources Demand Modi’s Close Attention  

Slowing economy, rising pollution impede India’s development. Photo © Dhruv Malhotra India pushes its coal mining sector to produce as much coal as it can.... Read More...

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  India Harvests Sun and Wind to Save Water and Power a Slowing Economy  

In Rajasthan, renewables are a bright spot in a troubled national energy industry. Photo © Dhruv Malhota/Contact Press Images for Circle of Blue The Indira... Read More...

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The Meghalaya box mine is a fiercesome sight. The sides of the mine, cut from limestone and sandstone, typically plunge 60 to 70 meters (197 to 230 feet) straight down to the coal seams at the black bottom.
  India’s Treacherous Coal Mines in Meghalaya  

National court orders end to feudal labor conditions, wanton water pollution, and deadly accidents. Photo © Dhruv Malhota/Contact Press Images for Circle... Read More...

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  Uttarakhand Flood Disaster Made Worse By Existing Hydropower Projects, Expert Commission Says  

Report calls for new Himalayan development policy; stirs political battle in New Delhi. Photo © Keith Schneider / Circle of Blue The 99-megawatt Singoli-Bhatwari... Read More...

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  Uttarakhand’s Furious Himalayan Flood Could Bury India’s Hydropower Program  

A treacherous mountain range unleashes a torrent of water, mud, and boulders that was long anticipated and willfully ignored. Photo © By friends of Matu Jansangthan... Read More...

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India Tilda Chhattisgarh irrigation canal system infrastructure agriculture farm farming farmer water food energy choke point circle of blue wilson center aubrey ann parker
  Breaking India’s Cycle of Waste and Risk  

Small-scale and off-grid projects may offer solutions to India’s water, food, and energy choke points. Still, India’s government seems determined to duplicate... Read More...

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  Mismanagement of Abundance: Constellation of Coal Mines Across India Not Enough to Prevent Blackouts  

Despite the push for renewable energy alternatives to address water and climate concerns, India plans to keep coal as its primary source of electricity. But corruption,... Read More...

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India Punjab
  Scarcity in a Time of Surplus: Free Water and Energy Cause Food Waste and Power Shortage in India  

Farm policies intended to remove risk from the grain-producing economy have pulled India from the perennial fear of famine. But inefficient bureaucracy and rampant... Read More...

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Punjab irrigation water well electric pump farm farming wheat crop rice paddy water table aquifer electricity generation Choke Point India water food energy nexus Circle of Blue Wilson Center Punjab Title: Irrigation well in Punjab, India
  Choke Point: India — The Leopard in the Well  

The Green Revolution that catalyzed grain production in the mid-1960s ended India’s fear of famine. But achieving food abundance is overwhelming India’s... Read More...

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Choke Point: India
Choke Point: India
Photos: Punjab's Food
Photos: Punjab's Food
Map: India's Energy Reserves
Map: India's Energy Reserves
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