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November 18, 2014
Delays in Drought Response Push East Africa Toward Another Food Crisis
Delays in Drought Response Push East Africa Toward Another Food Crisis

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Three years after a devastating drought and famine, Somalia is again showing signs of an impending food crisis. Aid organizations are urging action before it is too late, but say there has been a tepid international response.

This week, Circle of Blue reports about an unfortunate truth in the world of humanitarian aid: slow-moving disasters like drought rarely get enough attention until conditions have reached critical stages.

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IPCC Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change World Precipitation Climate Change Hydrologic Cycle
  Report: International Panel on Climate Change Reiterates Three Urgent Water Concerns  

IPCC says the water cycle will intensify, leading to bigger storms, more droughts, and worsening water quality. Image courtesy of the IPCC. This map from the 2014... Read More...

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  Delays in Drought Response Push East Africa Toward Another Food Crisis  

Despite early-warning systems, the world lacks urgency in heading off slow-moving disasters. Photo courtesy of Tobin Jones / UN via Flickr Creative Commons A man... Read More...

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  U.S.-China Climate Deal Includes Provision on Water-Energy Research  

A joint energy research program will be extended and expanded to include water. White House Official Photo © Pete Souza President Xi Jinping of China and U.S.... Read More...

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  U.S. Farm Irrigation Becomes More Efficient, Moves East  

Federal data show that U.S. farms use less water and are investing in water-saving irrigation equipment. Photo © Brett Walton / Circle of Blue Four varieties... Read More...

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  November 10: U.S. Supreme Court Steps into Florida-Georgia Water Dispute  
Florida and Georgia will meet in the U.S. Supreme Court. Georgia files a separate water lawsuit against federal dam managers. The nation’s water withdrawals c ...Read more...

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Daily Global Water News

  November 10: Water Makes World Economic Forum’s Top 10 Trends
Worsening water stress was identified by the World Economic Forum as one of the top global trends to watch next year. Water stress has prompted Georgia to sue t ...Read more.

November 11: Scientists Look to Wastewater to Track Public Health
Scientists in New York City are studying health and disease outbreaks through wastewater, while hundreds are ill with a waterborne disease in Portugal. Peru's ...Read more.

November 12: Africa’s Largest Reverse-Osmosis Desalination Plant
The city of Oran, Algeria is turning to the sea, while the city of Jakarta, Indonesia is trying to shut it out. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has seen an impressi ...Read more.

November 13: Brazil Nears Approval of Diversion Project for Sao Paulo
The United States and China have agreed to landmark cuts in carbon emissions to fight climate change, which is warming groundwater as well as the air and surfac ...Read more.

November 14: Turning the Tides of Privatization
In the past 15 years, privatized water supplies have been increasingly transferred back to public ownership, and in the past month, France, Italy and Switzerlan ...Read more.


Staff Commentary from In The Circle

  The Hydrologic Fast Lane (Also: IPCC Reports 101)
Reporter Kaye LaFond breaks down the newest IPCC report, and IPCC reports in general.

Water Supply and New Development Path Are Priorities in U.S.-China
Pact is fresh reckoning with Earth's changed ecological and economic risks


East African Food Security
East African Food Security
Africa's Food Crisis
Africa's Food Crisis
Somalia Drought & Famine
Somalia Drought & Famine
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