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October 21, 2014
U.S. Water Systems, Deteriorated and Slow to Change, Need New Strategy – And Money
U.S. Water Systems, Deteriorated and Slow to Change, Need New Strategy – And Money

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America's venerable water utilities – still effective, but creaky – face a significant test. Short of funds, they must find $633 billion over the next two decades to repair old equipment in preparation for climate change. Droughts and intense storms are increasing in frequency, making water both too scarce and too abundant.

This week, Circle of Blue reports on the most thorough assessment to date of the state of U.S. water systems and its recommendations for a path forward.

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  Report: U.S. Water Systems, Deteriorated and Slow to Change, Need New Strategy – And Money  

More of the same is not working in changed conditions of the 21st century. Photo © Scott Strazzante / Circle of Blue Oakdale SCO Storage Basin project in Toledo,... Read More...

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  October 13: Large Dam Proposed for Alaska  
Glacial Energy LLC, based in Wasilla, Alaska, is seeking a preliminary permit from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission for a 113-meter (370-foot) high da ...Read more...

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Daily Global Water News

  October 13: Sao Paulo Likely to Face Water Cuts
Residents of Sao Paulo will likely be facing daily water shutoffs due to a drought that has drawn down water levels in its main drinking water reservoir to just ...Read more.

October 14: Saudi Arabia Building Its Largest Water-Storage Project
Saudi Arabia's national water company is beginning work on the country's largest water storage project, which will provide water to the capital city of Riyadh,  ...Read more.

October 15: Colombian Farmers Sue BP Over Water and Environmental
The construction of a BP oil pipeline in Colombia caused serious damage to water supplies and fields, according to more than 100 farmers who are suing the oil c ...Read more.

October 16: Mobile Technology Helps Residents Find Water in Angola
A new program will allow residents of Angola's capital, Luanda, to use their mobile phones to locate community water taps that sell water much cheaper than priv ...Read more.

October 17: Peru’s Glaciers Shrank 40 Percent in 40 Years
Nearly 1,000 high-altitude lakes have been formed in Peru over the past 40 years as the country's glaciers have melted 40 percent, Reuters reported. The glacier ...Read more.


Price of Water 2014
Price of Water 2014
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Aging Infrastructure
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