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May 20, 2015
Gila River Diversion in New Mexico Pits New West vs. Old
Gila River Diversion in New Mexico Pits New West vs. Old

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Nearly a century ago, the U.S. Forest Service designated the Gila Wilderness, in southwest New Mexico, as the nation's first federally protected wild forest. Today, the region is again debating the wise use of its land and water. The question now is how best to secure water supplies for farms and cities in the steadily drying American West.

This week, Circle of Blue reports on the Gila River diversion, a proposal to build a canal and dam in the watershed.

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  Gila River Diversion in New Mexico Pits New West vs Old  

Debate demonstrates the power of water in the drying American West.

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Infographic: CA Water Withdrawals
  Infographic: California Freshwater Withdrawals  

A breakdown of where California’s water is used most, from fracking and Nestle’s bottling plant to almonds and lawns.

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  May 11: EPA Recommends Health Standards for Toxic Algae in Drinking Water  
EPA issues toxic algae guidelines. A California congressman wants to block federal spending on river flows in his home state. Commenters want more protection fo ...Read more...

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Daily Global Water News

  May 11: Chesapeake Bay Algae Blooms Become More Common
Blooms of harmful algae in Chesapeake Bay increased significantly over the past two decades, researchers found. Nicaragua is moving forward with a massive shipp ...Read more.

May 12: Groundwater Levels Plummet in Jaipur, India
Groundwater levels are quickly declining in Jaipur, India. An El Nino weather pattern has formed, and Uruguay has achieved high levels of potable water. Sri Lan ...Read more.

May 13: Nepal Monsoon Rains Bring More Safety Concerns
Monsoon rains mean an increased likelihood of landslides in Nepal as communities recover from the earthquake. Queensland, Australia, is suffering its most wides ...Read more.

May 14: Drying Puerto Rico Imposes Water Rationing
Puerto Rico has announced it will start water rationing, while Duke Energy has announced it will provide water to nearby North Carolina residents with polluted  ...Read more.

May 15: Impaired Surface Waters in Iowa on the Rise
A number of children in Nigeria have died of lead poisoning after a local water source was contaminated by illegal gold mining. A report from the Iowa DNR says  ...Read more.


Staff Commentary from In The Circle

  California Drought Prompts Personal Adjustments
This drought is different, people say — much different.


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