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July 29, 2015
Zambia Electricity Shortage Highlights Africa’s Hydropower Shortfalls
Zambia Electricity Shortage Highlights Africa’s Hydropower Shortfalls

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Three decades ago, Zambia was a regional power exporter, but it has been unable to keep up with sub-Saharan Africa’s swiftly changing social, economic, and ecological landscape. Now, the hydro-dependent country faces a major power deficit and could cut electricity to its mines by 30 percent.

This week, Circle of Blue reports on Zambia's push to use rivers as engines for economic growth—a pattern repeating across Africa.

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Kariba Dam. Zambia. Zimbabwe. Taken March 9, 2015.
  Zambia Electricity Shortage Highlights Africa’s Hydropower Shortfalls  

Amid a changing social and environmental landscape, Sub-Saharan Africa turns to its rivers.

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  One Way to Ease California Drought: Recycle Wastewater For Irrigation  

Del Puerto Water District to buy a third of its water supply from Modesto and Turlock treatment plants.

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Enbridge Inc., based in Calgary, is the largest shipper of Canadian crude oil, built and operates the twin, 20-inch-diameter steel pipelines, about 1,000 feet apart, that cross the Straits of Mackinac in northern Michigan. The company's holdings include this tank farm in Edmonton, Alberta. Photo/Keith Schneider
  Line 5 Pipeline Task Force Highlights Weakness in Enbridge Management  

Pipeline owner criticized for lapses in inspection and disclosure.

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  Infographic: Lake Titicaca Contends With Water Pollution and Climate Change  

Receding glaciers, growing cities, and expanding agriculture threaten the highest navigable lake in the world.

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  July 20: Bipartisan Watershed Protection Bill Introduced in Congress  
Two western senators offer a bill to secure forested watersheds. The House approves a California drought bill and gets a prompt veto threat from the White House ...Read more...

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Daily Global Water News

  July 20: Aleppo Gets Water Supplies After 3-Week Hiatus
City water supplies returned to Aleppo, Syria, following a cut-off prompted by fighting. Concerns about water security caused stocks to drop in India, while flo ...Read more.

July 21: Farming Wetland Plants Could Benefit Water and Peatlands
Farmers in Europe are growing wetland crops that could preserve wildlife habitat and keep the land from being drained. California proposed a record fine for ill ...Read more.

July 22: Puerto Rico Water Rationing Expanded
A deepening drought in Puerto Rico prompted officials to expand water rationing measures. A new coal mine in Australia continues to raise concerns about groundw ...Read more.

July 23: Canada First Nations Community Protests $6 Billion Dam
Accelerated snowmelt is causing floods and landslides that claim lives and destroy villages in Tajikstan. Protests by the Nutashkuan Innu have forced the Quebec ...Read more.

July 24: Shell Given Permits to Drill for Oil in Arctic
Shell has been given the yellow light for oil drilling beneath the Arctic Ocean. Sri Lanka will increase its rainfall storage capacity in the face of a changing ...Read more.


Staff Commentary from In The Circle

  Why Asking ‘How Much Rain Will End the Drought?’ Is the Wrong Question
People need to be in the equation too, says Circle of Blue report Brett Walton.


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