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March 25, 2015
World Water Day Ingredients Need Big Dash of Urgency
World Water Day Ingredients Need Big Dash of Urgency

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"Water is not fit for stirring widespread attention on Facebook, or going viral on YouTube. This is, after all, an era of short attention spans and fixation on inconsequential agitation or the absurd. The world’s residents, capable as they are, don’t like serious. They like to be amused."

On Sunday, the United Nations marked the 23rd World Water Day with a sustainable development theme and characteristic earnestness. In an op-ed this week, Circle of Blue's senior editor suggests that water needs a can't-take-your-eyes-away spokesperson or an XBox game to tell the great story of our time, because sometimes being earnest just isn't enough.

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  Map: Damming the Mekong River  

Nearly one dozen dams are planned for the Mekong River.

Posted on March 20, 2015 twitter facebook  
  March 16: U.S. Spy Agencies Take Global Trends Analysis to South by Southwest Conference  
Gleaning global trends from the trendy. Yucca Mountain proposal needs more analysis – groundwater this time. National Science Foundation opens wallet for wate ...Read more...

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Daily Global Water News

  March 16: PetroChina Should Pay $16 Million for Water Pollution
A report found PetroChina responsible for drinking water contamination in Lanzhou, China last year, while government testing found 75 percent of drinking water  ...Read more.

March 17: Many Health Centers Worldwide Lack Clean Water, Report Says
A report from global health organizations highlights the lack of safe water and sanitation at health centers. Rivers in a Vietnam province are down 80 percent d ...Read more.

March 18: Clean Energy Increases California’s Water Footprint
An increase in biofuel use is driving up California's water footprint for energy, and household leaks in the United States lose billions of cubic meters of wate ...Read more.

March 19: Population Could Push Global Water Demand Past Supply
Population growth may cause global water demand to surpass supply if per capita consumption does not decrease enough, according to a new study. Meanwhile, Taiwa ...Read more.

March 20: $1 Billion in Emergency Funding for California Drought
The United Nations has unveiled a report that demonstrates how lack of water access disproportionately affects women. California Governor Jerry Brown and top la ...Read more.


Staff Commentary from In The Circle

  U.S. Ports Modernize While Water Supply and Quality Deteriorate
Savannah container terminal is a modern maritime showcase; Savannah River gets dirtier.

World Water Day Ingredients Need Big Dash of Urgency
Senior editor Keith Schneider wonders if maybe a spokesperson and Xbox games are needed.


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