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July 6, 2015
Toxic Algae Blooms Prompt Clean-Up Commitment from Great Lakes Governors
Toxic Algae Blooms Prompt Clean-Up Commitment from Great Lakes Governors

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Nearly a year ago, Toledo, Ohio woke up to find its tap water contaminated by a toxic algae bloom in Lake Erie. The crisis highlighted one of the grimmest health risks in the Great Lake. This month state, provincial, and federal governments in Canada and the United States took action to address the problem.

This week, Circle of Blue reports on the agreement between Michigan, Ohio, and Ontario to cut the phosphorus pollution that feeds Lake Erie’s algae blooms, and the latest forecast for Lake Erie’s summer algae bloom.

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  Binational Lake Erie Phosphorus Targets Proposed to Curb Algae  

To limit toxic algae blooms, the United States and Canada will need to reduce nutrient pollution by 40 percent. Read More… Share this article:Share on Facebook... Read More...

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  Lake Erie Toxic Algae Bloom Forecast Spikes  

After a slow start this spring, nutrient pollution accelerated over the past week in Lake Erie. Read More… Share this article:Share on Facebook (Opens in new... Read More...

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  Toxic Algae Blooms Prompt Clean-Up Commitment from Great Lakes Governors  

State and provincial leaders act to end danger to Lake Erie, which has suffered from a resurgence of nutrient pollution and toxic algae outbreaks over the past decade.... Read More...

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  Great Lakes Toxic Algae Prompts Big Investment and Rare Political Agreement  

After last summer’s toxic algae outbreak, safe drinking water is a priority again in Ohio, the state that spurred the Clean Water Act more than four decades... Read More...

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  Toledo Issues Emergency ‘Do Not Drink Water’ Warning to Residents  

Algae toxins poison Lake Erie; 400,000 people without water. Read More… Share this article:Share on Facebook (Opens in new window)Click to share on Twitter... Read More...

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Harmful algae bloom. Pelee Island, Ohio. Lake Erie. Photo by T. Archer. September 4, 2009.
  Great Lakes Drinking Water Fouled by Toxic Algae  

OAK HARBOR, OH — On September 4, 2013, Henry Biggert, the superintendent of the Carroll Water and Sewer District, near Toledo, Ohio, got the first clue that he... Read More...

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