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January 27, 2015
Des Moines Initiates Clean Water Act Lawsuit to Stem Farm Pollution
Des Moines Initiates Clean Water Act Lawsuit to Stem Farm Pollution

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Water managers in Iowa's largest city are pursuing a Clean Water Act lawsuit that could have broad consequences — particularly in the Midwestern Corn Belt — for how the United States handles a long-neglected water problem: pollution from farms.

This week, Circle of Blue reports on a Des Moines Water Works lawsuit to stem nitrate pollution in one of the city's primary sources of drinking water.

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New York City Tap Water J. Carl Ganter Circle of Blue
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  Des Moines Initiates Clean Water Act Lawsuit to Stem Farm Pollution  

Iowa’s largest city will sue three upstream counties to reduce nitrate contamination.

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DWR Bifurcation Point
  Important California Water Infrastructure Talks Start This Week  

State and local agencies plan to invest billions in new assets.

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  Report: Farming and Urban Growth Are Polluting America’s Aquifers  

One-fifth of U.S. groundwater wells had at least one contaminant above federal standards for human health.

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  January 19: Obama Administration Promotes Private Sector Involvement in Infrastructure, Conservation  
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