Film celebrates World Toilet Day with Dada utility disposal

PEORIA — Was it the portentous pall of the November afternoon or an avant-garde episode of effluential angst that inspired Circle of Blue producer Eric Daigh to bring his inefficient toilet out of the water closet once and for all? In celebration of World Toilet Day, Daigh decided to give his resource-needy receptacle a new life. Daigh, an artist as well as a designer, dismantled the plumbing log by log — a change in season inspiring a change in form.

During a short but potent documentary, Daigh chronicles his experiment in creative destruction. The film plumbs the depths of defecation with momentum and gravitas. “I’m sure there are many, more mature methods one could employ to transition outdated plumbing, but there was a certain visceral quality to the whole exchange. I think we should all exercise a certain amount of assertiveness when addressing the efficiency of our household water use,” Daigh opined.

View the film here.

Source: YouTube

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