Water tapping: Utah confronts Nevada government on pipeline pollution

SALT LAKE CITY – The Las Vegas leviathan once more has engineers working overtime to slake its insatiable thirst. The city is proceeding with its twenty-year request to build a 285-mile pipeline; but this time, two Utah counties are requesting their share of the project.

According to the Salt Lake Tribune, Utah county officials are concerned about air pollution due to the pipeline. If the pipeline lowers groundwater levels enough, vegetation desiccates — leaving the already polluted area vulnerable to dust storms.

“You cannot adequately assess the environmental soundness of this [water proposal] without taking into account regional air quality,” said Utah attorney Mark Ward, who drafted the petition.

This new information, county officials claim, gives them ample reason to request involvement. The request, Nevada State Engineer Tracy Taylor says, is too late.

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Source: The Salt Lake Tribune

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