California Drought Turns Artist into Architect

SACRAMENTO — When Roberta Walker found herself reimagining her neighbors landscapes, she realized she needed to do more with her art than simply paint. Now Walker designs landscapes for sustainable lawns in California’s parched climate.

“It’s very exciting. It’s like Vogue for landscapers,” she told News10. “I’m getting calls from all over. I’d love to make Sacramento a model for drought tolerance. It’s a more sensible way to go.”

Walker believes drought-tolerant lawns should exist even when the drought abates. They remain lush and attractive year round, she notes. She points out that responsible landscaping can also be aesthetically pleasing.

“So much water is being wasted,” she said. “More and more people are tearing out their lawns and going drought-tolerant and that’s going to make a huge impact on our area.”

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Source: News10

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