Cities Abolish Bottled Water in Canada

City conference tables in Canada, once neatly circumferenced with complementary water bottles, no longer need the plastic. A new resolution already has 27 Canadian cities phasing out the bottled water option. Officials at the Toronto City Hall now drink their water out of jugs and glasses. The beverage is provided for them courtesy of their own city and their own tax dollars.

“Buying a bottle of water costs approximately $2.50. The cost to produce water in the city? I can fill up 6,000 little bottles for the price of $2.50,” Jean Perrault, the mayor of Sherbrooke, Quebec, told CBC News. Perrault serves as president for the Federation of Canadian Municipalities, which recently released an anti-bottle resolution.

The federation encourages cities to gradually eliminate the use of bottled water and develop awareness campaigns within their jurisdictions. The bottles require too much energy to produce and too often end up in local landfills, Perrault reasons. Pam McConnell, a city councillor for Toronto, agrees. “It’s a way to say our water is good, our water is safe and our water is paid for.'”

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Source: CBC News

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