Faucet Flambé in Colorado Sparks Concern About Natural Gas Leaks

Water and fire don’t mix, but in Colorado such idioms may soon explode. The enabling agent: natural gas. A family from Fort Lupton claims they can light their tap water on fire, due to high levels of gas seeping into the home from nearby wells, reports local KJCT8 news station.

Water pollution from natural gas drilling has been a quiet crisis across the United States. Hydraulic fracturing, a controversial process used to explode pockets of gas hidden between layers of rock, requires chemical components many scientists and environmentalists believe are toxic. The chemicals can contaminate local groundwater supplies and pose health risks to nearby residents.

The EPA has been reluctant to address the risk, while major fracturing proponent Halliburton assures the public their practices are safe. The Fort Lupton family has spoken with Anadarko Petroleum Corp. and Noble Energy Inc. The companies promise to provide them with clean water and possibly install a treatment system.

Read more on the Fort Lupton case here. Link to more information on hydraulic fracturing and natural gas risks here.

Source: KJCT8 News

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