The Stream, November 7: EPA Fracking Report Due in 2014

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will release its final report on the effects of fracking in 2014. The initial research findings are due next year, The New York Times Green blog reported. The study will look at the full cycle of water in hydraulic fracturing.

U.S. energy policy should not fixate on maximizing job creation, according to an opinion piece for The Economist.

More testing is needed to determine if hydraulic fracturing in South Africa could work, a geologist specialising in groundwater studies said last week, according to Business Live. Another curious fact from this article: apparently, South Africa has stricter standards for treating wastewater than the United States does.

Here’s a peek into the Coal + Ice documentary photo exhibition now on display in Beijing. As The New Yorker explains, the images chart the pervasive human effects on the planet, from the coal mines deep underground to the melting glaciers on top of the world.

What are the drivers of water insecurity in South Asia?

A new book by the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization offers the latest information on the status of Australia’s water resources.

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