The Stream, April 25: Chile Looks to End Privatization of Water

Water Suppliers
Chile’s president, Michelle Bachelet, is attempting to pass a bill that would restore water as a purely public resource, replacing laws passed in 1981 that allow water privatization, the Santiago Times reported. Activists say that water privatization is hurting some of Chile’s poorest residents.

Rain storms and state intervention have relieved pressure on 14 California communities that were at risk of running out of water, Reuters reported. However, rain over the past couple months has not been nearly enough to break the 3-year drought gripping the state.

Water prices in South Australia are the highest in the country, and residential water bills in the state increased more than 30 percent last year, according to a report by the Essential Services Commission, ABC reported. The state’s water minister explained that the prices were higher than elsewhere because of higher treatment costs and fewer customers.

Water and Business
Nature Climate Change has published a special series of papers on climate change and the associated water challenges it poses to businesses. The papers also address case studies and possible solutions available to businesses to cope with these risks.

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