The Stream, April 7: Tehran May Be Headed For Water Rationing

Water Supply
Reservoir levels outside of Tehran are at a “critical level” and approximately 500 cities across Iran are facing water shortages, according to water officials in the country, Voice of America reported. Officials said water cuts could be imposed for some of the 22 million people served by Tehran’s water supply if consumption is not curbed voluntarily.

More than half of the water supply points constructed in Tanzania are no longer working, according to a survey of water facilities conducted by Netherlands-based development organization SNV, Tanzania Daily News reported. A lack of community engagement in maintaining the water projects was cited as one reason behind their deterioration.

A series of flash floods following heavy rainfall in the Solomon Islands killed 19 people and left as many as 49,000 homeless, the Guardian reported. The storm that produced the floods is now heading to Australia and has been classified as a category one tropical cyclone.

Scientists are gathering to study the first ever environmental pulse-flow recently released into the Colorado River Delta, which is meant to mimic a spring flood, NPR reported. The researchers are tracking how far the water travels through the delta, and how it affects plant and animal species.


Rio Tinto has joined Anglo American in pulling out of the Pebble Mine project in Alaska’s Bristol Bay, leaving the controversial project without two of its largest backers, Reuters reported. The mine has faced stiff opposition on the grounds that it will pollute and destroy streams used for important salmon fisheries, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is using its power under the Clean Water Act to stop the development.

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