The Stream, July 10: California Considers Mandatory Outdoor Water Restrictions

Because California’s cities have not cut water use in line with recommendations during a historic drought, state regulators proposed a set of mandatory restrictions to curb excessive lawn watering, sidewalk spraying, and car washing, the Los Angeles Times reports. The water board will hold a hearing Tuesday to discuss the proposal. If adopted the rules would take effect August 1.

Texas City Responds to Drought
Wichita Falls, population 104,000, became the second city in Texas to recycle wastewater for drinking, the Associated Press reports. The city’s reservoirs are 80 percent empty after several years of drought.

Water Pollution
The Democratic governor of Washington state proposed tougher water pollution standards that aim to prevent harmful chemicals from entering state waters, according to the Seattle Times. The governor also proposed an increase in the human fish-consumption rate, a metric that influences what levels of pollution are tolerated.

Plains Plans
Kansas officials are on a week-long tour to gather public opinion on strategies to secure the state’s water supply for the next 50 years. The draft “water vision”, as the document is called, emphasizes conservation of the declining Ogallala Aquifer and improvements to surface reservoirs.

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