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The Stream, January 22: Saudi Arabia Plans to Build Nine Desalination Plants on the Red Sea

The Global Rundown Saudi Arabia announces the construction of nine desalination plants on the Red Sea. Authorities find that over half of Karachi, Pakistan’s, water supply is unfiltered. Malawi’s staple maize crop suffers amid dry weather and a worsening pest infestation. Dwindling snowpack in the southwestern U.S. poses problems for the region’s water supply. Commercial […]


The Stream, May 4: Jordan and Saudi Arabia Protect Aquifer Water

The Global Rundown Jordan and Saudi Arabia signed a deal to protect the Disi aquifer. Scientists found compounds used in fracking in Pennsylvania well water, United States rivers are recovering quickly after dam removals, and California water bonds are losing value. Pakistan charged its provinces with implementing climate change policy. Fjords trap large amounts of […]


Plumbing WikiLeaks: Saudi Arabia Fears Iranian Nuclear Meltdown and Potential Terrorism to Desalination

Classified cables show that Saudi and U.S. officials believe water supplies along the Persian Gulf are at high-risk for terrorist attacks and possible contamination from nearby nuclear plants. This is the first of a new series that will analyze the water-related U.S. embassy cables published by WikiLeaks.


The Stream, September 8: Peak Water in Saudi Arabia

Peak water looms more ominously than peak oil for Saudi Arabia, as water use in the desert kingdom is rapidly growing while available supplies are steadily diminishing, Reuters reported. The looming water crisis is also forcing the country into drastic measures in its agriculture sector. Blue-green algae and invasive species are choking Lake Erie and […]