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NYC Seeks to Ban Gas Drilling Within the City’s Watershed

Fracking could contaminate New York’s unfiltered water supply and require costly filtration, report says.

India Cities Focus on Rainwater Harvesting to Provide Clean Drinking Water

Many Indian cities lack sufficient water supplies. Urban growth is making it difficult and expensive to build the dams, pipelines and canals used in the modern era to supply cities with water. In comparison, rainwater harvesting systems are a low-cost, low-impact way for cities to increase supplies.

Texas Water District Continues Legal Battle for Oklahoma Water

A U.S. District judge gave the water district one month to clarify its case for claiming Oklahoma’s water sale ban is unconstitutional.

Water Projects Emphasized in $7.5 Billion-U.S. Aid Package to Pakistan

Improved irrigation systems and water infrastructure projects are primary goals.

Mumbai Restricts Water Use, Fueling Protests

A below-average monsoon has brought government-imposed limits on water use and public anger in Mumbai, a city that already faces low water levels.

Melting Glaciers Cause Potential Flooding Problems

Emerald lakes are beautiful, but rapidly melting glaciers can cause them to inundate villages downstream.

Australia’s Water Market Sets Trading Record in 2008, Despite Restrictions

The water trade in Australia is growing quickly, but some fear that state restrictions will hamper river restorations.

UK Water Company Turns Fecal Waste into Energy, Saves Money

Human waste is a cheap energy source for Thames Water, which is in a price dispute with the UK’s water regulator. Thames Water, the largest water provider in the United Kingdom, saved £15 million (US$25 million) last year by using human feces as a source of renewable energy.

Nile Basin Initiative Celebrates 10-year Anniversary

Many joint economic development projects have been completed, but an agreement on cooperative management of the river basin has not been signed.

Climate Negotiations Must Consider Water and Energy Together, IWA Says

Water policy and energy policy must be integrated, according to the International Water Association

Melting Glaciers, Drought Jeopardize Bolivian Capital’s Water

Planned migrations to water-rich areas are being considered as an emergency option as La Paz’s water supply hangs in the balance.

Water Becomes a Pawn In Central Asian Energy Dispute

Uzbekistan exits the regional energy grid and Tajikistan vows to complete world’s tallest dam.