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The Stream, October 25: First Commercial Tar Sands Project in U.S. Approved

A Utah water quality board approved the first commercial tar sands project in the U.S. Wednesday, opening a largely undeveloped area in Utah’s eastern desert to production next year. A Canadian company called U.S. Oil Sands Inc., the Deseret News reported, aims to start production of 2,000 barrels of oil next year. Contaminated Water in […]

The Stream, October 22: California’s Water-Infrastructure Challenges Intensifying

Water is becoming ever-more expensive in California. Major infrastructure work, Capitol Weekly reported, is only the highlight of a long list of necessary improvements needed across the state that will push residential water prices higher. Financial Fallout from Hydraulic Fracturing The United States’ natural-gas boom has pushed energy prices down across the country—a financial perk […]

The Stream, October 18: Federal Focus on Water-Energy Nexus

The federal government must improve oversight on the nexus between water and energy, as domestic energy production will likely account for 85 percent of growth in domestic water production. That according to a Government Accountability Office report released this week, The Hill reported, which calls on the Energy Department to oversee water availability and use […]

The Stream, October 17: Environment Harmed in Rush for Food Security, UNEP Report Finds

Global investments in food security are degrading the environment, eroding the foundation that delivers much-needed food to the world. An environmental focus will assure sustainable food production, according to a report from the UN Environment Program, reported by Xinhua. Happy (Almost) Birthday, Clean Water Act A moment of celebration for a turning point in the […]

The Stream, October 11: Spotlight on Water Investments

Interest in water investments is on the rise around the world. Some private sector groups are helping governments meet tougher environmental standards, Reuters reported, while other investors view water as an alternative tool to bonds and equity markets. Pollution, Shortage Crises in India Yesterday the government of Tamil Nadu made an official move to take […]

The Stream, October 8: Australia Takes First Step Toward Cap-and-Trade System

Australia enacted a carbon tax last week that is expected to give the country the world’s most comprehensive cap-and-trade system by 2015. Drought, rampant wildfire, and Great Barrier Reef degradation pushed Australians to realize their vulnerability to climate change, National Geographic reported. Cauvery River dispute Manmohan Singh, India’s prime minister, hosted leaders from Karnataka to […]

The Stream, October 4: Vivid Fall Foliage a Hidden Drought Benefit

Conditions are ideal this year for brilliant fall foliage, National Geographic reported. Moderate drought can actually boost concentrations of anthocyanins – the natural pigments that color several tree species. Drought Damage Florida governor Rick Scott said his state needs more water from Georgia to boost levels in the Apalachicola Bay and relieve the state’s oyster […]

The Stream, October 1: Tensions Flare Over U.S. Urban Water Availability

In Kansas, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers drained billions of gallons of water from three reservoirs to support Missouri River barge traffic, which has suffered after this summer’s drought. But Kansas-area residents and businesses, the Kansas City Star reported, have complained bitterly about the decision to support a dwindling barge industry at the expense […]

The Stream, September 27: Hydraulic Fracturing-related Health Concerns Linger

Governor Andrew Cuomo said New York state is still deciding whether to allow high-volume hydraulic fracturing after four years of study. The state’s health commissioner was asked to analyze the health effects of franking more closely, The New York Times reported. Evidence of water pollution — tied by some scientists to hydraulic fracturing — was […]

The Stream, September 24: Global Desalination Debates

Waste water recycling is a better option for Indian cities short on water than desalination, Economic Times reported. Reuse is practical in any location, cleans more wastewater than alternative methods, and is cheaper than desalination. Many proposed desalination plants in California have been halted by high construction costs, ‘huge’ energy requirements, regulatory wrangling and legal […]

The Stream, September 20: Energy Producers Neglect Water’s Value

U.S. power producers are not calculating the cost of scarce water resources in coal, nuclear, natural gas and biomass energy production. That was the central finding in a study from The Civil Society Institute and the Environmental Working Group, reported in Bloomberg News. Water in a Changing Climate Pleasure boats and commercial ships in the […]

The Stream, September 17: Reforms and Recommendations in Asia’s Water Crisis

Asian Water Crisis A dike breach in Bangkok, Thailand put pressure on the national government to step up severe weather adaptation efforts. Flooding is an issue in many of Asia’s biggest cities, Inter Press Service reported, since urban immigrants often crowd major river deltas. Asian countries have the lowest per-capita access to fresh water in […]