Entries by Andrew Maddocks

The Stream, September 13: Nevada Commission Endorses Major Pipeline Project

Urban Water Supply The Colorado River Commission of Nevada endorsed a plan to pump and pipe groundwater from counties north of the Las Vegas Valley to southern Nevada. The plan, with a cost estimated in the billions, would relieve some of the pressure from dropping water levels in Lake Mead, the Las Vegas Sun reported. […]

The Stream, September 10: Water Shortage Deepens Syrian Humanitarian Crisis

A sudden water shortage is the latest hardship blighting the city of Aleppo, already facing a humanitarian crisis. A main pipe burst during fighting between the Syrian military and rebel fighters, The New York Times reported. On Friday, 12 people died in clashes between cattle herders and farmers in southeastern Kenya over land and water, […]

The Stream, September 6: U.S. and Canada Finalize Great Lakes Water Quality

Environmental officials from the U.S. and Canada announced that they are about to sign a negotiated update to the 1987 Great Lakes Water Quality Agreement. The document “addresses critical health issues in the Great Lakes region,” the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency said in a news release. Infrastructure Investment The Egyptian government will spend $US 1.3 […]

Eco-Explorer David de Rothschild Begins Trans-Pacific Journey on Catamaran of Plastic — the Plastiki

David de Rothschild’s Plastiki voyage and vessel are designed to redefine global use, and reuse, of plastic.

Water Disclosure Project Releases Surveys to 300 Companies

Newly-released Water Disclosure Project questionnaire focuses on usage, operations and supply chains and management strategies in water-intensive companies.

2010 Stockholm Water Prize Awarded to American Water and Public Health Expert

Stockholm Water Prize Laureate is American Rita Colwell, for her research into preventing waterborne infectious diseases.

Designing Water’s Future – New Book Shows Student Solutions to Global Freshwater Crisis

World Water Day: “Designing Water’s Future,” the international student competition finds solutions to the global fresh water crisis. Water is the axis issue that intersects health, poverty, and security, as well as climate, energy, immigration, and the environment.

David Kuria: Sanitation and Toilet Entrepreneur

In the sub-Saharan region, 80% of recorded illnesses are water-born diseases, and more than two-thirds of these people don’t have access to basic sanitation. While access to safe drinking water is gaining importance in the political arena, it’s still hard to talk about restrooms and toilets, but today I’m speaking with a man who really does know toilets.

Drought in South China is Worst in Decades

Parts of southern China are being ravaged by a severe three-season drought. Millions of people lack adequate water supplies, and millions of acres of cropland are too dry to plant.