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Water and the Media at the World Water Forum

MEXICO CITY, Mexico – Water and the Media was a World Water Forum panel discussion this morning hosted by the Asian Development Bank, African Development Bank, Inter-American Development Bank and the World Water Council. I was one of three panel members for the session that focused on the challenges of reporting on local and global […]

Wilson Center Water Stories

WASHINGTON – While we’re preparing for our return to Mexico City to showcase “Tehuacán: Divining Destiny,” the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars Environmental Change and Security Program has published our working group’s papers online. (Mine is called “Navigating the Mainstream: Making Water Issues Matter.”) Included are the multimedia reports Soren Nielsen and I produced […]

Tehuacán: every drop is sacred

I’m just back from Tehuacán, Mexico where an entire region’s survival hangs by each liter of water. Beneath the dust plumes that cloud the sky north of town, families shepherd every drop to sustain themselves and their meager crops. The situation for subsistence farmers can be dire — many only grow enough to feed their […]

To Mexico, At Breakneck Speed

It’s all systems go for our Circle of Blue pilot in Mexico. We’re all up to the a challenge — create exceptional, fresh, relevant reportage from the frontlines of the global freshwater crisis in time to present in Mexico City on March 20. –J. Carl Ganter Circle of Blue director J. Carl GanterJ. Carl Ganter […]

Red Carpet, Blind Paparazzi

NEW YORK, New York — OK, one more thought from the Time Global Health Summit: I can’t help but comment on the “red carpet” press event at the Alicia Keys “Black Ball,” a fundraiser to bring AIDS medications to children in Africa.

Time Global Health Summit: Hope?

NEW YORK, New York — The closing sessions at the Time Global Health Summit, I hope, left the audience with a feeling of hope and a call to action. Bono appeared above our heads as a giant projected image, likening the Summit to a health Woodstock Fest, but with a critical mission. I loved his […]

Time Health Summit: One Picture, Etching Itself Upon Our Souls

NEW YORK, New York — Magic moments at conferences usually occur off-stage at these highly coordinated events of high talent and connectivity. I wasn’t disappointed. As the cocktail party quieted down, and Ted Turner and other guests segued to dinner and off-site discussion, I found Jim Kelly, Time‘s managing editor, taking in the glorious view […]

Missed The Story, Again

NEW YORK, New York — A TV business reporter pursued the avian flu story with Virgin Atlantic Chairman Richard Branson here at the Time Global Health Summit. Photo courtesy of Evan Agostini / Time Richard Branson at the Time Global Health Summit. The resulting exchange made the headlines, as Branson elaborated on his firm’s preparation […]

A Slow Fuse: Journalism’s Response to Climate Change

ASPEN, Colorado — This has been an intense few days of discussions marked by revelations and brainstorms about how the media can improve its coverage of long-term, slow-to-develop environmental issues such as climate change. Photo © J. Carl Ganter / Circle of Blue Tim Profeta, director of Duke University’s Nicholas School for Environmental Policy Solutions, […]

On Topic at UN Press Conference

NEW YORK, New York — Mikhail Gorbachev, Ted Turner, and Jane Goodall held a press conference today to discuss global peace, nuclear weapons, and sustainable development. Oddly enough (or within its usual populist context), most questions from the media focused on off-topic, non-issues such the long-term friendship between Messrs, Gorbachev, and Turner, and their thoughts […]

Quiet Moments at the UN CSD

NEW YORK, New York — I ran into Ron Sawyer in the hallway near the UN’s mini-cafe in the lower hallways outside the General Assembly. Ron runs EcoSan in Tepotzlan, Mexico. Our Wilson Center water working group spent two days on the ground viewing his “dry sanitation” project, an innovative approach to improving the traditional […]

Two Tales of a City: Water Poor, Heart Rich

MEXICO CITY, Mexico — It’s Valentine’s Day here, and I’m traveling with our intern Soren Nielsen to learn first-hand about the freshwater crisis facing Mexico and Mexico City. We’re staying with several families in the Iztapalapa municipality where, it seems, every inch is occupied by tarpaper shanties or ramshackle buildings. The universalities and metaphors abound […]