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The Stream, February 7, 2019: Rare Wet Winter Eases Drought in California

The Global Rundown Heavy precipitation eases dry conditions in California. Researchers struggle to assess the origins and impacts of PFAS across the globe. Scientists verify that 2018 was the fourth-hottest year in recorded history. Bosnia declares a state of emergency after severe flooding swamps homes and damages roads. The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency halts efforts by Washington […]

The Stream, February 6, 2019: Eight People Found Dead in Mexico Over Possible Water Dispute

The Global Rundown Mexican authorities are investigating the deaths of eight people in a possible water dispute. A study finds that thousands of lakes in the Northern Hemisphere will stop reliably freezing over in coming decades. Groundwater pumping causes land subsidence in northern California, with one town sinking two feet in nine years. A tailings […]

The Stream, February 5, 2019: Torrential Rains Force Deliberate Flooding of 2,000 Homes in Queensland, Australia

The Global Rundown Heavy rainfall in Townsville, Queensland, forces officials to open a dam and flood 2,000 homes. The U.S. Bureau of Reclamation says California and Arizona failed to fully complete Colorado River drought plans before the January 31 deadline. A study warns about dangers to rivers and crops in Asia as Himalayan glaciers melt. […]

HotSpots H2O: Resource Conflicts Rattle Nigeria in Lead-Up to Elections

Conflict between farmers and herders over water and pasture shook Nigeria in recent years, leaving more than 1,500 people dead in 2018.

The Stream, February 1, 2019: With Deadline Looming, Arizona Passes Colorado River Drought Plan

The Global Rundown Arizona approves a Colorado River drought contingency plan on the eve of the federal deadline. A royal commission into Australia’s Murray-Darling Basin Plan finds evidence of maladministration, negligence, and unlawful actions. Brazilian mining company Vale shuts down 10 dams similar to the structure that collapsed last Friday. Three nonprofit groups sue the […]

The Stream, January 31: Florida Governor Announces $625m for Water Projects Funding

The Global Rundown Florida governor Ron DeSantis announces $625 million in funding for water projects. Officials warn that a deadly dam collapse in Brazil could contaminate the water supply of up to five Brazilian states. Thousands of flamingo chicks at Kamfers Dam, South Africa, are at risk of dehydration and starvation due to drought. Bulawayo, […]

The Stream, January 30: Global Food Shocks Becoming More Common, Often Due to Drought

The Global Rundown Food shocks due to extreme weather conditions like drought have become more common in recent decades, a study shows. An exclusive report warns that the United States Environmental Protection Agency won’t set drinking water limits for PFOA or PFOS chemicals. Five engineers are arrested in the aftermath of a deadly dam collapse […]

The Stream, January 29, 2019: Brazilian Mine Collapse Leaves 60 Dead, Hundreds Missing

The Global Rundown Hundreds are missing in southeast Brazil after a dam collapse on Friday. Arizona is the only state still in negotiations as the federal deadline approaches for a Colorado River drought contingency plan. Farmers in South Africa hope to garner $220 million in drought aid. Officials in Salem, Oregon, meet to discuss an […]

HotSpots H2O: In Test of Regional Water Cooperation, Pakistan Inspects Indian Hydropower Projects

India and Pakistan will rekindle the cooperative spirit of a nearly six-decade-old river-sharing treaty this week, when a delegation from Pakistan inspects two Indian hydropower projects along the Chenab River.

The Stream, January 25: Tehran, Iran, Sinking at Alarming Rates Due to Groundwater Pumping

The Global Rundown Excessive groundwater pumping leads to land subsidence in Tehran, Iran. A government investigation says erratic temperatures and low oxygen levels caused recent fish kills in New South Wales, Australia. Several Indian states plan to tighten groundwater use laws. A dam overflows in Sulawesi, Indonesia, killing at least 30 people. The city of […]

The Stream, January 24: Another Mass Fish Kill Strikes New South Wales, Australia

The Global Rundown Thousands more fish die in New South Wales, Australia. New Florida governor Ron DeSantis calls for the resignation of the state’s water policy managers. Indonesia’s Jenebarang River overflows, swamping homes and killing six people. Urban designers make Wuhan, China, into a “sponge city,” in a bid to boost flood resilience. Zimbabwe considers […]

The Stream, January 23: Gila River Indian Community Threatens to Withdraw Support of Arizona Drought Plan

The Global Rundown The Gila River Indian Community threatens to withdraw from Arizona’s drought contingency plan. Drought and disease hamper farming in South Africa. Gretchen Whitmer, the newly-elected governor of Michigan, commits to providing Flint residents with bottled water until all pipes are repaired. A desalination system is under consideration in Walgett, Australia after high […]