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HotSpots H2O: California Water District Sues to Stop Colorado Drought Plan

The Imperial Irrigation District, an influential agency on the Colorado River, sued to halt a basinwide drought plan.

The Stream, April 19: Paradise, California, Water System Could Cost $300m to Replace

The Global Rundown The water system of Paradise, California, which was tainted after a wildfire swept through the town, could cost $300 million to replace. The United Nations helps Malawian refugees displaced by Cyclone Idai return home. Flood-hit Iran receives a massive aid donation from Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates. Quebec, Canada, braces […]

The Stream, April 18: Colorado Drought Plan Hit by Lawsuit Just As Trump Signs Off

The Global Rundown California’s Imperial Irrigation District sues over its exclusion from the Colorado River drought contingency plan just as President Donald Trump signs off on it. Farmers suicides are on the rise in India’s drought-stricken Maharashtra state. States provide mixed feedback during a public comment period on revisions to the Water of the United […]

The Stream, April 17: First Humanitarian Aid Shipment of Water, Medicine, Reaches Venezuela

The Global Rundown The first batch of Red Cross humanitarian aid reaches crisis-stricken Venezuela. A key railway in the Australian Outback is set to reopen after sustaining flood damages earlier this year. Kenya’s meteorological department warns that water and food scarcity loom amid a failing rainy season. Severe rainstorms continue to lash Afghanistan. Residents slowly […]

The Stream, April 16: Flooding Damages in Iran Top $2.5 Billion

The Global Rundown Recent flooding in Iran caused $2.5 billion in damages, according to state media. A stream in Belgium is called the ‘most polluted in Europe’ due to a startling concentration of pesticides. Several Alaskan rivers thaw in record time following warm winter and spring temperatures. Cases of West Nile Virus will likely fall […]

HotSpots H2O: Attack on Libya’s Capital Cuts Off Water for Civilians, Detained Refugees

An outbreak of waterborne diseases may be imminent in Tripoli, Libya’s embattled capital and largest city.

The Stream, April 12: Cities Worldwide Are Using Massive Amounts of Rural Water Supplies

The Global Rundown A new international study finds that 16 billion cubic meters of water are pulled from rural areas to serve growing urban populations. Brazil says it will file criminal charges against mining company Vale following a January tailings dam collapse. Thousands of government-subsidized housing units lie in U.S. flood plains. Rice prices fluctuate […]

The Stream, April 11: Two-Thirds of Glaciers in the Alps On Track to Melt by 2100, Study Warns

The Global Rundown A study finds that glaciers in the European Alps will shrink by at least two-thirds by 2100. Drought threatens the economies of Kenya and Thailand. The death toll from flooding in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, rises to 10. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro agrees to accept humanitarian aid as nationwide power blackouts continue. “We […]

The Stream, April 10: U.S. Congress Passes Colorado River Drought Contingency Plan

The Global Rundown The U.S. Congress approves the Colorado River drought contingency plan. Cyclone-hit Zimbabwe, simultaneously facing drought, asks for $613 million in aid. Heavy rain deluges Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, leaving at least three people dead. The central bank of Venezuela is partially shut down after two weeks without running water. Scientists work to […]

The Stream, April 9: Hundreds of Pesticides, Drugs Found in European Rivers

The Global Rundown A study of European rivers finds contamination from hundreds of pesticides and drugs. Flooding in the Midwestern United States drives up ethanol prices. Sudan experiences a complete power blackout. Flood protection is too expensive for some riverside towns in the U.S. As eastern Zimbabwe recovers from widespread flooding, the rest of the […]

HotSpots H2O: South Sudanese Dying from Thirst and Water-Related Violence

According to government estimates, 80 percent of South Sudanese do not have steady access to clean water.

The Stream, April 5: 1 in 8 Global Health Care Facilities Have No Water Service, UNICEF Finds

The Global Rundown A new UNICEF report finds that many global health facilities lack water and sanitation service. Minnesota tightens restrictions on two per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances. Flooding causes widespread damage to farmland in Iran. Three states in the midwestern U.S. call for greater control over the Missouri River system. Power is restored to much […]