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The Stream, July 3: Tanzania Lures Residents From Floodplain With Free Land

The Global Rundown A large sum of money has been set aside to keep invasive Asian Carp out of the Great Lakes ecosystem. A group of scientists have published guidelines for ecosystem service payments. The government of Tanzania is giving its citizens free land to move out of flood-prone areas. “This is not the first time the […]

The Stream, July 2: Fracking Uses More Water, But Natural Gas Saves It

The Global Rundown May was a good month for water conservation in California. BP will pay out a record settlement for damages from the 2010 Gulf of Mexico oil spill. Far more water goes to fracking in the United States than ever used to, but the products of fracking have actually saved a significant amount of […]

The Stream, June 18: Water Risk Hammers the Market in India

The Global Rundown Water risk is shaping investment decisions in India and around the world. Reports by NASA show that almost two-thirds of the world’s largest groundwater aquifers are in decline. Floods are interrupting shipping on the Illinois River. “Water risk is only recently appreciated as a systemic and material investment risk. We do expect that […]

The Stream, June 12: Southern Californians are #DroughtShaming Their Neighbors

The Global Rundown Mexico‘s only oil and gas company has discovered large hydrocarbon reserves in the Gulf of Mexico. A new study shows that most kids and teens in the United States are dehydrated. The drought in California is ushering in a new form of vigilante justice. “When you’re trying to do your best personally, […]

The Stream, June 11: Groundwater Depletion Could Cost Pakistan Its Food Security

The Global Rundown An attack on an oil pipeline has spilled several thousand barrels of crude into a Colombia river. Groundwater is declining fast in Pakistan‘s breadbasket region. The capital of Ghana is ill-equipped to handle heavy rain. “It’s a social and environmental tragedy.” — Juan Carlos Echeverry, CEO of Colombia’s state-run oil company Ecopetrol, […]

The Stream, June 5: EPA Says Fracking Not a ‘Widespread Risk’

The Global Rundown The United States Environmental Protection Agency has determined that fracking does not pose an overall threat to drinking water. Georgia will spend a lot of money testing out three new water supply projects. In India, the government is trying to help farmers through a deficient rainy season. “We did not find evidence that […]