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Peter Gleick: Rainbow Waters, Fishing for Hope

I flyfish. Infrequently and badly. But as any unsuccessful fisherman will try to tell you, it isn’t catching fish that’s important; it is the action of fishing. I was just reminded of the reality behind that jest. I had the opportunity recently to spend four days on the Slocan and Upper Columbia rivers in British […]

Peter Gleick: Water for Energy, the Bad Bet for Biofuels

In the ongoing debate about rethinking America’s energy future, there has been far too little discussion about water. It takes a tremendous amount of water to produce our energy, no matter how you measure it. According to the USGS assessment of water use in the United States (done every five years), about half of all […]

Peter Gleick: Western Governors and New Thinking on Water

I had the opportunity this week to brief a group of western Governors and Canadian Premiers in Park City, Utah on water challenges and solutions. The trip had many highlights: I saw one of the biggest belt buckles I’ve ever seen (on Governor Otter), the First Dog of Montana (Jag), and a fine shotgun (given […]