The Story of Water, Energy, and Food Lives Here

Keith Schneider reports that the U.S.-China climate agreement is a Circle of Blue high point.

Infographic: World Food Supplies Concentrated in Brazil, China, Europe, India, and United States

The amount of food in storage around the world is on the rise, but stocks are still historically low.

U.S.-China Climate Deal Includes Provision on Water-Energy Research

A joint energy research program will be extended and expanded to include water.

Earth Pushes Back

Era of indifference greets droughts, floods, storms, tsunamis. Photo…

Air Pollution: Eastern China Becomes A Smoker’s Lounge

Did you miss Circle of Blue's reporting on how cleaning up the power sector – namely coal – and reducing energy demand would clear the air and provide water benefits? Not to worry; Brett Walton gives an update on the current smog situation and how a recent report may provide solutions.

Mongolia Copper Mine at Oyu Tolgoi Tests Water Supply and Young Democracy

Mining boom in South Gobi influenced by local and global citizen activism

China Tests New Strategy to Curb Coal Demand, Reduce Air Pollution, and Conserve Water

Nation’s Ministry of Environment turns to Circle of Blue and the Wilson Center’s China Environment Forum for help.

Deep Sea Gas: China Follows Japan in Pursuit of New Energy Source

Though methane hydrate, a newly discovered unconventional natural gas reserve, is seen as an alternative to coal-fueled power, the technology for tapping deepwater supplies is not yet viable.

TIM: This Is Mongolia

Paved roads are still a rarity in this country, which is larger than Alaska and where 1.2 million people – 40 percent of the resident population – earn their keep herding livestock.

In China’s Coal Belt, A Refinery Drains Water and Life

A Chinese researcher reveals massive groundwater use at a coal-to-liquids…

China Takes a Keen Interest in Water-Energy Connections

Circle of Blue's Keith Schneider reports from Beijing on discussions…

Photo Slideshow: China’s Polluted Waters

Pollution is a major driver of water scarcity in China, especially in the places where economic growth is the highest and water resources are under the most stress — China’s dry northern breadbaskets and its biggest manufacturing hubs in the south and east.