Water a Key Issue as Developing Countries Drive Growth in Global Food Production

Growing agricultural sectors pose problems for water management…

India Supreme Court Again Pushes National River Linking Project to Proceed

This is the second time the court has promoted the mega-project that would link the major rivers in the north with those in the south as a way to better manage water, moving it from areas of perceived surplus to areas without sufficient supplies.

Water News: What’s Ahead in 2012

News headlines are often dominated by the big, unexpected events…
Food Floods Flooding 2011 Thailand Cambodia Vietnam Philippines Laos Rice Maize Corn Crop

UN Report: Floods Threaten Southeast Asia Food Crisis, Disrupt Thai Car Industry

With hundreds of deaths, thousands of damaged hectares, and millions of refugees, this year's fall flooding has equated to a devastating wet season.
Om Prakash

Photo Slideshow and Q&A: Om Prakash Singh Documents the Perception and Harsh Realities of Water and Sanitation in Delhi, India

Delhi reportedly has a high percentage of coverage for sanitation and water supply. But one photographer has 74,000 images spanning the last 10 years that challenge the perception of progress

Pakistan and India in Dam Building Race — Interpreting the Indus Waters Treaty

A new era of dam building brings uncertainty to the 50-year-old water truce between India and Pakistan.

India Cancels Hydroelectric Project on Ganges Tributary

The 600 MW project is the third on the river scrapped because of environmental and religious pressure.

Bulk Water Company Plans to Export to India, East Asia and the Caribbean

‘Water has to come to the people,’ president of S2C Global tells Circle of Blue.

Secretary Clinton Announces Pakistan Water Program

U.S. aid projects focus on city water systems, clean drinking water, dam construction and irrigation.

Alaska City Set to Ship Water to India, U.S. Company Announces

Within six to eight months, S2C Global Systems will ship water from Alaska to a hub in India.

X-Rays Mark the Spot to Drill for Water in Chad

Magnetic imaging lets scientists peer beneath the surface to see exactly where groundwater sources are located.

Singapore Will Cut Water Imports from Malaysia, Pursue Self-Sufficiency

Infrastructure to succeed Malaysia import agreement, expiring in 2011.