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Map of China's Energy

Each province, municipality, and autonomous region of China has been assigned a shade, corresponding to the amount of energy production. The numerical values corresponding to the shades have been defined in the legend, in billions of kilowatt-hours.

To see energy production by sector, click on any of China's 31 provinces/municipalities/regions. On the tables, energy production has been broken down into coal, natural gas, petroleum, and hydropower sectors. On the tables, coal, natural gas, petroleum, and hydropower sectors have been defined in billions of kilowatt-hours for comparison (as displayed in the chart), as well as their more common units (metric tonnes for coal, cubic meters for natural gas, metric tonnes for petroleum).

To see how trends in China have been affected by time, adjust the year of interest.

Sources National Bureau of Statistics of China
China Statistical Yearbook


American Physical Society

Map created by Samuel Kosinski with contributions from Aubrey Ann Parker and Jordan B. Bates of Circle of Blue with assistance from Jennifer Turner of the Wilson Center.


Energy production values were obtained from multiple Statistical Yearbooks published by the National Bureau of Statistics of China, with help from the Wilson Center. Values were released in the following units: (100 million metric tonnes for coal, 100 million cubic meters for natural gas, 10,000 metric tonnes for petroleum, 100 million kWh for hydropower). Values in billion kilowatt-hours were obtained by using standardized conversions published by the American Physical Society. Total energy production was obtained by taking the sum of sectors provided, and comparing with power production.