Choke Point: ChinaWoodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars
China Environment Forum
Dr. Jennifer L. Turner, director
Peter Marsters, program assistant
Kexin Liu, research intern
Zifei Yang, research intern
Lindsey Eckelmann, research intern
Sarah Henriet, research intern

Circle of Blue
J. Carl Ganter, managing director

Senior Editor
Keith Schneider

Project Field Producers
Aaron Jaffe
Nadya Ivanova

News Editor
Aubrey Parker

Interactive Editor
Jordan Bates

Keith Schneider
Nadya Ivanova
Aaron Jaffe
J. Carl Ganter
Jennifer L. Turner
Rachel Beitarie

Keith Schneider, Nadya Ivanova, Aaron Jaffe, Jennifer L. Turner, Peter Marsters, Kexin Liu, Zifei Yang, J. Carl Ganter, Wang Zhuo, Casey Lawrence, Brett Walton, Lindsey Eckelmann, Dongyan Zhang, Sarah Henriet

Toby Smith, Reportage by Getty Images (Circle of Blue profile)
Aaron Jaffe
J. Carl Ganter
James Wasserman

Field Assistance
Cecily Huang, interpreter
Wang Zhuo, interpreter
Xu Di, interpreter
Zhang Ou, interpreter
Yanjing Hao, interpreter
Ge Weihong, interpreter

Ningxia University
Tian Juncang, Director, School of Civil and Water Conservancy Engineering
Wang Cuncun, graduate student
He Jinyu, graduate student
Wang Bin, graduate student
Wang Zedong, graduate student
Luo Xiaoming
Du Shengli

Maps and Graphics
Jennifer Palilionis, George & Frances Ball Distinguished Professor of Multimedia Journalism
Dan Cooper, Teaching Assistant
Ball State University students: Megan Capinegro, Valerie Carnevale, Katelin Carter, Malik Cato, Walker Foley, Gregory Hudson, Chelsea Kardokus, Justin Manning, Chelsea May, Stephanie Meredith, Kathryn Roesch, Vicki Rosenberger, Season Schafer, Kelly Shea, Elizabeth Spangler, Stephanie Stamm, Tessa Tillett, Mark Townsend
Ball State Jo Ann Gora, President
Ball State Terry King, Provost The Department of Journalism

Video Editing
Travis Miller

Social Media
Clyde Rastetter
Kaitlin Griffith

Deutsche Welle China Service
Zifei Yang
Joyce (Wenfang) Wang-Soloski
Yuanyuan Zeng

Web Production
Jordan Bates
Aubrey Parker
Travis Miller

Credits and Acknowledgments
Bradford Richardson
David Fridley
Christine Boyle
Adam Moser
Siu Tip Lam
Jeremy Schreifels
Tao Li
Geoff Dabelko
Bryan Lohmar
Zhang Baoxiang
Zhang Junfeng
Hengwei Liu
Jinxia Wang
Zhou Jun
Ma Chaode
Tan Yingwu
Aloulou Fawzi
Hu Kanping
Jonathan Woetzel
Yellow River Conservancy Commission
Ningxia Tanglai Canal Management Department

Energy Foundation
Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Environmental Change and Security Program, China Environment Forum
Vermont Law School
Alpern Foundation
Blue Moon Fund
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
United States Agency for International Development

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