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Federal Water Tap, August 12: EPA Proposes Limiting Use of Clean Water Act to Review Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

The Rundown EPA aims to change Clean Water Act provisions that allow states to grant water quality permits. Federal watchdog agency will investigate the management of Lake Ontario water levels, which reached record highs this summer and flooded lakeshore properties. The EPA’s internal watchdog finds that the agency exceeded the deregulatory targets in a 2017 […]


The Stream, June 27, 2019: EPA to Reconsider Alaska Pebble Mine Project, Halted in 2014 Under Clean Water Act

The Global Rundown The U.S. EPA says it will reevaluate the development of Alaska’s Pebble Mine, which was halted in 2014 due to water pollution concerns. A record heat wave parches Europe. Herders and farmers in Nigeria continue to fight over water and pasture despite stricter grazing laws. Michigan officials warns that higher lead readings […]


Federal Water Tap, June 10: EPA Tries to Limit State Clean Water Act Reviews

The Rundown Disputes over energy infrastructure that states rejected because of water pollution concerns is at the center of an EPA memo seeking to limit state authority. President Trump signs a $19.1 billion disaster aid bill. The White House rejects an intelligence analyst’s written statement for a House climate change hearing. Transportation regulators release a […]


Federal Water Tap, April 22: In Reversal, EPA Excludes Groundwater Pollution from Clean Water Act Permitting

The Rundown The EPA says that all groundwater pollution is excluded from Clean Water Act permitting, even if it eventually flows into regulated waters. President Trumps signs a bill authorizing a Colorado River conservation plan, while a water rights settlement introduced in the Senate would allow more water to be withdrawn upstream in the basin, […]


The Stream, October 10: The 1972 Clean Water Act Dramatically Improved U.S. Water Quality, Study Finds

The Global Rundown Data shows that the 1972 Clean Water Act greatly decreased pollution in U.S. waterways. Senegal considers desalination to help combat growing water shortages. Waterborne diseases begin to spread in quake-hit Indonesia. A new study quantifies the link between fertilizer and watershed contamination. Cases of dengue, a mosquito-borne disease that intensifies during the […]


Federal Water Tap, October 1: Sixth Circuit Rulings Muddle Question of Clean Water Act Authority over Groundwater

The Rundown Two appeals court decisions contradict what other circuits concluded about groundwater and the Clean Water Act. Federal agency officials tell a Senate committee that PFAS drinking water regulations will take years to finalize, if the agency decides to regulate them. Bill introduced in Congress would provide health benefits to veterans sickened by PFAS […]


Federal Water Tap, September 17: Appeals Court Says Dominion Coal Ash Ponds Not Regulated by Clean Water Act

The Rundown A federal appeals court further muddies the question of groundwater and the Clean Water Act. The House passes a big water infrastructure package. Near the end of the session, a gusher of water-related bills in the House. An EPA environmental justice advisory committee makes water infrastructure recommendations. The EPA adds five sites to […]