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The Stream, November 20: Ethiopia Moves Forward with Construction of Its First Major Dam on the Blue Nile

The Global Rundown Extensive testing of lakes in Bengaluru, India, reveals that the city’s waterbodies are unsuitable for drinking or bathing. Ethiopia moves forward with construction of its first major dam on the Blue Nile despite resistance from downstream Egypt. Nepal tests solar-powered irrigation systems as water sources dwindle. Mexico plans to build an enormous […]


HotSpots H2O, March 7: African Leaders Debate Nile River Usage Rights

The Global Rundown Ugandan president Yoweri Museveni calls for “maximum consensus” as African leaders debate the Nile River’s usage rights. Drought in the Bay region of Somalia took the lives of over one hundred people in two days. Shelling destroys critical infrastructure in Ukraine and thousands of people have no water. India agrees to attend a […]


The Stream, September 21: Nile Countries Commission Study On Grand Renaissance Dam

The Global Rundown Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan have commissioned an independent assessment of the Grand Renaissance Dam and its effects on the Nile River Basin. Airstrikes destroyed a humanitarian convoy meant to deliver water and food to communities near Aleppo, Syria. A new report found that a carcinogenic chemical is present at worrying levels in […]


The Stream, March 23: Nile River Water-Sharing Agreement Signed

The Global Rundown Egypt, Ethiopia, and Sudan sign an agreement to end the conflict over the Grand Renaissance dam on the Nile River. Bhutan searches for international investors to help protect its vital watersheds, Rajendra Singh of India wins the 2015 Stockholm Water Prize, and thousands of water charge protesters march in Dublin. The United […]


The Stream, January 2: Ethiopia and Egypt Reach Agreement on Nile Dam Study

The Global Rundown Work will resume on a three-country study of Ethiopia’s Grand Renaissance Dam. A partnership between universities in Chicago and Israel seeks to tackle water scarcity at the molecular level, while Australia is rolling out technology to clean agricultural wastewater with algae. India is raising awareness of water issues this month, and a […]