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The Stream, January 8: China Sees Improvement of Surface Water Quality in 2018

The Global Rundown The overall quality of China’s surface water improved in 2018, but pollution worsened in some areas. Tests of groundwater around U.S. military bases in Georgia show extensive contamination from toxic firefighting foam. Local officials in Queensland, Australia, call for more government relief as the state enters its seventh year of drought. Aid […]


The Stream, December 13: Tackling Water Pollution a Top Priority, Says China

The Global Rundown China announces an increased focus on fighting water pollution. Industry officials warn that India’s sugarcane output may fall next year as drought hampers planting. Farmers in parts of southern Bolivia rely on contaminated river water to irrigate their fields. Michigan lawmakers approve a bill to replace the decades-old Line 5 oil pipeline […]


The Stream, November 21: Glacier Melt in China Threatens Water Supply of 1.8 Billion People

The Global Rundown Glacier melt in western China increases, threatening the water supply of 1.8 billion people. Tests results following a massive fish die-off in Iraq’s Euphrates River show high levels of bacteria and heavy metals in the waterway. Scientists fear that deforestation of the Amazon rainforest will disrupt the global water supply cycle. Equipment […]


The Stream, March 14: China’s New Environment Ministry Takes Responsibility for South-to-North Water Diversion Project

The Global Rundown China restructures its environmental ministry, giving it control over the South-to-North water diversion project. South Africa’s drought is reclassified as a state of national disaster, allowing the government to utilize additional funding. Argentina plans to provide debt relief to drought-stricken farmers. The shortest La Niña in a decade comes to an end […]


The Stream, December 4: China’s Shanxi Province Caps Water Use in Steel, Cement, and Aluminum Industries

The Global Rundown Several countries, including the United States, Russia, and China, agree to refrain from commercial fishing in the high Arctic seas until research is done on the practice’s sustainability. China’s Shanxi province enacts a law that caps water use in steel, cement, and aluminum production. Hundreds of residents in southern Albania evacuate their […]


The Stream, June 12: China Detains Factory Managers For Water Pollution

The Global Rundown China has detained three factory officials in connection with a water pollution case. A new study suggests droughts and floods linked to climate change could increase violence over food shortages. A clash between soldiers distributing food aid to drought-hit communities in Somalia killed five bystanders. Thousands of farmers in Zimbabwe are adopting […]


The Stream, May 18: China Water Quality May Benefit From New U.S. Trade Deal

The Global Rundown Water pollution from China’s agricultural sector could decline if imports of U.S. meat increase under a new trade deal. Scientists believe a newly discovered reservoir of hot water below New Zealand could provide a substantial source of geothermal energy. An anti-corruption investigation into New Delhi’s water tanker scandal is reaching the capital’s […]


The Stream, March 8: China Considers Major Water Pipeline From Lake Baikal

The Global Rundown A proposed pipeline would bring fresh water from Russia’s Lake Baikal, one of the largest lakes in the world, to China’s Lanzhou city. Syria’s government recaptured vital water infrastructure for the city of Aleppo, which has been without its main supply for more than a month. Malaysia will likely extend a ban […]


The Stream, January 30: China Water Pollution Funds Misspent

The Global Rundown Officials in China misspent billions of dollars meant to prevent water pollution last year, a report found. The United Nations warned that millions of people in the Horn of Africa face hunger due to drought. The drought could also cut manufacturing in Kenya. Syrian government forces recaptured the water supply for Damascus. […]


The Stream, April 12: Majority of Underground Water Polluted in China

The Global Rundown More than three-quarters of China’s underground water is too contaminated for human consumption, according to government statistics. India’s monsoon rainfall is expected to be above average this year. Unpredictable rainfall is contributing to food insecurity in Cameroon. The number of deaths attributed to a Legionnaires’ outbreak in Flint, Michigan rose to 12. […]