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The Stream, April 27, 2022: How a Rural Nebraskan Town Is Moving Forward a Year After Toxic Ethanol Plant Closes

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Residents in a major neighborhood in Lagos, Nigeria lack access to clean drinking water and say their government has abandoned them. A Nebraska town remains divided on the best strategy for remediation after years of pollution contaminated water supplies and caused health problems. Officials in England report record-high numbers of water pollution […]


The Stream, March 7: Desalination, Ethanol and Dams

There are about 20 full-scale proposals for desalination plants in California, with several smaller facilities already in operation, but conservationists are up in arms. Reuters reports on some of the powerful interests pulling the strings of California’s water management. In this article for the Guardian, Peter Bosshard, the policy director of the global environmental and […]


Opinion: Ethanol and Water

When thirsty people plant thirsty crops to fuel thirsty car and trucks, watchdogs of the world’s water begin to worry. Robert Glennon, professor of law and public policy at the University of Arizona, wonders whether President-Elect Barack Obama and his newly nominated Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack might already be overlooking the significant amount of […]


Fuel Worth Its Saltwater: Could Saline Solve the Ethanol Controversy?

Desalination remains an expensive solution to water scarcity, but what if self-desalinating plants could take advantage of ever-encroaching sources of saltwater, and produce both biofuels and foodstuffs? Wired Science talks to several scientists who debate the merits of farming on an oceanic scale. One believes that saltwater cultivation could be the solution to a spectrum […]


Ethanol and Water Don’t Mix

Officials in Tampa, Florida, got a surprise recently, when a local firm building the state’s first ethanol-production factory put in a request for 400,000 gallons a day of city water. The request by U.S. EnviroFuels would make the facility one of the city’s top 10 water consumers overnight, and the company plans to double its […]


Federal Water Tap, May 11: Senate Committee Advances Two Water Infrastructure Bills

The Rundown Water infrastructure bills move swiftly through a Senate committee. A federal judge blocks oil and gas lease sales in Montana over groundwater concerns. USAID sends food aid to people affected by a dam break in Uzbekistan. USGS researchers find microplastics in Lake Mead. California water dispute results in more letters from congressional representatives […]