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Coming Era of Water Scarcity Will Prompt Global Industrial Transformation, According to Survey of International Experts

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Population growth, urban development, farm production, and climate change is increasing competition for fresh water and producing shortages so acute that virtually every industry in the world anticipates sweeping systemic transformation over the next decade in their strategic planning, production practices, and business models.


Q&A: Solomon’s Water

Water weaves through history, giving rise to conflict, collapses and creation in civilizations. In his latest book, WATER: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, economic journalist Steven Solomon examines the economic and social relationship between people and water.


Epilogue from Steve Solomon’s Water The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization

The close of economic journalist Steven Solomon’s book is a reflection on the new meaning of water given today’s scarcity crisis. Solomon connects freshwater’s past and present to paint a future, and potentially very unstable picture of human civilization. By redefining facets of this precious resource, however, he presents the foundation of finding global solutions.


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Heart of Dryness: Climate Change Coping Strategies

Since the dawn of Homo sapiens in arid Africa, nine tenths of our evolution has unfolded as foragers. Only relatively recently did our species embark on agriculture, and recent events suggest certain limits to that extraordinary experiment. Exponential population growth has combined with unprecedented climate change until half the planet’s land surface can now be classified as drylands—arid landscapes inhabited by a third of humankind.