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The Stream, April 22, 2021: Indian Farmers Aren’t Practicing Sustainable Agriculture, Report Says

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A new report finds that less than four percent of Indian farmers practice sustainable agriculture. Rare extreme climate events could become more common in the United States, experts say. Ethiopia denies over a dozen proposals from Egypt during Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam negotiations. City officials in Memphis, Tennessee delay a vote on […]


The Stream, March 25, 2021: Indus River Negotiations Between India and Pakistan Resume

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN India and Pakistan resume Indus River negotiations for the first time in two years. A new study reveals warming subsurface water in Lake Michigan. An independent panel in Canada’s Yukon province reviews outdated mining laws that don’t benefit locals and First Nations communities. A campaign to stop hydropower development on an Albanian […]


The Stream, February 9, 2021: Himalayan Landslide Wreaks Havoc In Northern India

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN A massive landslide in India causes flash floods throughout Uttarakhand state. A federal court orders a Flint attorney to stop spreading misinformation about a proposed settlement of Flint water crisis civil lawsuits. Nevada’s water authority could invest millions in a water-recycling program to receive a share of California’s Colorado River water. Sudanese […]


HotSpots H2O: Wetland Restoration in India Aims to Prevent Human-Animal Conflict

In Assam, a state in northeastern India, authorities at Kaziranga National Park are restoring six wetlands and collecting rainwater to prevent human-animal conflict during the water-scarce winter months. Seasonal shortages push wildlife toward nearby hills in search of water, where settlements and villages are located and confrontations normally occur. Some animals can cause large amounts […]


The Stream, October 29, 2020: Climate Change Forces Indian Cities To Reinvent Urban Planning

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Major Indian cities are factoring climate risks into new urban planning strategies. Legionella is found in an Israeli hospital’s water supply. Mexican National Guard members are arrested in connection to a woman’s death during protests at the La Boquilla dam in September. Covid-19 is increasingly being found in Boston area sewage. A […]