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HotSpots H2O, August 8: Shrinking Mount Kenya Glaciers Cause Tribal Strife

The Global Rundown Melting glaciers on Mount Kenya are causing conflict among tribes surrounding the mountain. Aid agencies struggle to provide food and water to South Sudanese refugees arriving in Uganda. Thousands lack clean drinking water and adequate sanitation in Syria’s IDP camps. The Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas threatens to further jeopardize the Gaza […]


The Stream, May 19: Kenya Floods Add Misery For Drought-Affected Herders

The Global Rundown Floods in Kenya have killed thousands of cattle, harming herders who also lost livestock to the country’s severe drought. Officials in Indonesia say efforts to restore water to peatlands will dampen the smoke pollution caused by annual forest fires this year. Even small increases in global sea levels could have significant effects […]


The Stream, February 1: Recycled Sewage Set To Bring Water and Power to Kenya Slum

The Global Rundown A new sewage treatment plant in Kibera, Kenya aims to provide residents with recycled water and electricity. A low-oxygen dead zone is one of many threats to fisheries and communities in the Bay of Bengal. A new report links political and business elites to violence against environmental activists in Honduras. Groundwater pollution […]


Kenya’s Drought Worsens in the Wake of Below-Average Rainfall

The Rundown Low rainfall levels in late 2016 have intensified drought conditions in Kenya, leading to food and water insecurity in arid and semi-arid regions. The drought has already triggered livestock deaths, crop failure, and school closures. This month, the Kenyan government warned that without urgent and appropriate action, Kenya risks conditions similar to the […]


The Stream, September 11: Large Underground Water Supply Discovered in Kenya

Groundwater A newly discovered underground water reservoir in northwest Kenya has increased the country’s water reserves by nearly ten times—enough water to supply the country for 70 years, The Telegraph reported. The reserve will be studied further to assess how best to extract, distribute and conserve the water. Drying wells in California’s Paso Robles wine […]


The Stream, April 26: Kenya Fights Floods and Drought

Flooding Kenya is struggling to help the 90,000 people displaced by spring floods, which have also destroyed crops, AlertNet reported. The country’s cycle of floods and droughts have spurred calls for better disaster management at the national level. Months after monsoon floods hit southern Pakistan, displaced residents face a difficult road to recovery in 2013, […]


The Stream, January 24: Conflict in Kenya

Violence broke out between the Massai and Kikuyu tribes in Kenya over water access that left hundreds homeless and 80 dead. The Kikuyus are farmers who trade for a living, AlertNet reported, while the Maasai are pastoral herders, and water scarcity often leads to violent disputes over the two for regular access. However, encouraging signs […]


The Stream, August 24: Brutal Attack Over Land and Water in Kenya

In the worst attack since post-election violence in Kenya four years ago, 52 people—primarily women and children—were killed in an ethnic clash over land and water, AFP reported. Thousands more Chinese citizens living near the Three Gorges Dam may be forced to move as landslides sparked by changing reservoir levels become a serious problem, according […]


The Stream, March 21: Drought, Fire, and Kenya’s Wildlife

Drought and Water Access A forest fire in China’s Yunnan province was brought under control Tuesday after burning for two days and coming within 40 kilometers (25 miles) of the provincial capital, Xinhua reported. The fire was linked to drought conditions that have plagued Yunnan for the past three years. The Guardian looks at the […]