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Cali water agencies under pressure to lower arsenic levels

SAN FRANCISCO — Arsenic levels in eleven Californian water systems are too high says the Environmental Protection Agency. In a press release, the agency told local managers to lower the levels or face a $32,500 fine per day for each violation. “Providing people with safe drinking water is essential and public water systems must take […]


Arsenic levels in drinking water increase risk of diabetes

WASHINGTON – Millions of people across the U.S. may be drinking water that actually increases their chance of contracting type 2 diabetes. According to AFP, a recently published study from John Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health concludes that “arsenic could influence genetic factors that interfere with insulin sensitivity and other processes, or could contribute […]


Arsenic-laced well water poisons Indian rice supply

INDIA — The bucolic portrayal of verdant, water-soaked rice paddies may be less benign than supposed. A new study reports that well water used to flood the paddies actually contains a high level of toxic inorganic arsenic. According to the New York Times, the study, published in the journal Environmental Science and Technology, suggests that […]


The Stream, October 16, 2020: Legionella Could Be Lurking In The Water Supply of Reopened Buildings

YOUR GLOBAL RUNDOWN Stagnant water in recently reopened buildings in the United States is raising concerns about the spread of legionnaire’s disease. Of 850 asked, over 30 percent of women in African countries say they’ve been harassed or assaulted while collecting water during the pandemic. A new model for detecting arsenic in drinking water in India reveals the problem is more […]


The Stream, September 25, 2020: Houston Debates Storm Surge Barrier

The Global Rundown Recent near disastrous hurricanes in Houston, Texas have brought back up a decades-old debate about building a storm surge barrier. Hurricane Beta is the third hurricane to hit the U.S. Gulf Coast in a month. A study in the Kansas River will help water-resource manages effectively respond to environmental disasters. Legislation to […]


Thirsting for Solutions

Across the U.S., aging infrastructure, legacy pollution, and emerging contaminants are creating a growing urgency to pay attention to the quality of the water we drink.