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HotSpots H2O, November 19: Deadly Water Disputes Intensify in Central Asia as Glaciers Melt

The Rundown In Central Asia, small-scale water conflicts flare frequently along the jigsaw borders that separate Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Sometimes, these disagreements turn deadly. Under Soviet rule, water-rich Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan provided much of the water needed for the region’s agriculture, which is fed by canals that cross what are now international […]


HotSpots H2O, August 8: Shrinking Mount Kenya Glaciers Cause Tribal Strife

The Global Rundown Melting glaciers on Mount Kenya are causing conflict among tribes surrounding the mountain. Aid agencies struggle to provide food and water to South Sudanese refugees arriving in Uganda. Thousands lack clean drinking water and adequate sanitation in Syria’s IDP camps. The Palestinian Authority’s President Mahmoud Abbas threatens to further jeopardize the Gaza […]


The Stream, May 12: Days Numbered For U.S. Glaciers, Scientists Say

The Global Rundown Glaciers in the contiguous United States may be gone by mid-century, according to scientists. Somalia needs an additional $900 million in aid to address food and water shortages caused by drought. A cholera outbreak in Yemen, spread through contaminated water, has now killed more than 50 people. Not enough money is set […]


The Stream, March 27: Antarctic Floating Ice Shelves Melting Rapidly

The Global Rundown Rainfall and rising lake levels near Dallas, Texas have caused officials to consider easing of water restrictions, and China‘s new environmental law has hit a couple of state-run refineries with fines. Antarctic ice shelves are melting rapidly, and farmers in India will soon be able to access satellite crop data via their […]


The Stream, July 26: Glaciers, Lakes, and Criticisms Heating Up

Beijing Flooding Beijing mayor Guo Jinlong resigned Wednesday, in what some media say is likely a routine political reshuffling, but which comes amid public questioning of Beijing authorities’ handling of last weekend’s flood disaster. Others have suggested that Guo may be trying to escape further blame for the damage caused by the deluge, according to […]


The Stream, July 5: Africa’s Shrinking Glaciers

A team of scientists and photographers has embarked on a mission to document Africa’s melting glaciers, according to the Guardian. A southwestern Chinese city has cancelled plans to build a multimillion-pound copper alloy plant amid anti-pollution demonstrations that lasted for days, the Guardian reported. Water supply cuts in New Delhi have made this year’s summer […]