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The Stream, April 16: Flooding Damages in Iran Top $2.5 Billion

The Global Rundown Recent flooding in Iran caused $2.5 billion in damages, according to state media. A stream in Belgium is called the ‘most polluted in Europe’ due to a startling concentration of pesticides. Several Alaskan rivers thaw in record time following warm winter and spring temperatures. Cases of West Nile Virus will likely fall […]


The Stream, January 4: New Michigan Governor Asks for Review of Controversial Pipeline Deal

The Global Rundown Michigan’s new governor asks for a review of a controversial pipeline deal. Ethiopia says it will begin initial operations of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam in late 2020. Officials test water from the Cleveland, Ohio, airport after several passengers fall ill. Millions of people in Pakistan’s vast Baluchistan province live without clean […]


Federal Water Tap, December 24: Columbia River Basin Agreement for Salmon and Hydropower

The Rundown The Trump administration’s strategy for reducing childhood lead exposure is criticized as being too weak. The Supreme Court declines to hear a manufacturer’s appeal over a sanitary wipes lawsuit. An EPA advisory committee recommends a federal drinking water standard for PFAS chemicals. Congress passes a sewer system planning bill and reauthorizes a federal […]


The Stream, December 14: Tanzania Plans $3bn Hydroelectric Plant in UNESCO World Heritage Site

The Global Rundown Tanzania plans to build a $3 billion hydroelectric plant in the Selous Game Reserve, a UNESCO world heritage site. Ethiopian officials announce that the controversial Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam won’t be completed until 2022. Tree removal could delay completion of a new hydroelectric dam in Brazil. The City Council of Phoenix, Arizona, […]


The Stream, November 29: Charleston, South Carolina, Bans Plastic Bags, Straws to Tackle Water Pollution

The Global Rundown Citing concerns about water pollution, the city of Charleston, South Carolina, bans plastic bags, straws, and foam containers. Violence over water and pasture flares again in drought-stricken Kenya. An Indian court panel rules that Tamil Nadu had insufficient grounds to permanently close a water-polluting copper smelter. After months of dry weather, torrential […]


The Stream, November 28: Desperate, Displaced Afghan Families Marry Off Children to Survive Drought

The Global Rundown Desperate Afghan families begin marrying off young children to help survive the country’s severe drought. The UN World Meteorological Organization says there is a 75-80 percent chance of an El Niño weather event occurring by February. Thousands of drought-resistant trees are planted in the Lake Chad Region to combat climate change. Impoverished […]


The Stream, November 27: Warmer Weather, Drier Summers, Predicted in UK by 2070s

The Global Rundown A UK government report warns that Britain will experience warmer temperatures, driers summers, and wetter winters by the 2070s. Egypt expands sugar beet planting as a water-saving alternative to cane sugar. Government pressure fails to deter farmers in Zimbabwe from planting maize crops. Officials say the deadliest California wildfire of all time […]