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The Stream, July 1: Florida Declares Emergency Over Toxic Algae

The Global Rundown Blooms of blue-green algae, likely linked to water management in southern Florida, prompted the state’s governor to declare an emergency in two counties. Millions of people still need food aid after two years of drought in Central America, the United Nations said. The mayor of a town in northern Mexico has blamed […]


The Stream, May 18: Drought-Affected Herders Told To Leave Tanzania Parks

The Global Rundown Herders affected by a severe drought in East Africa have taken refuge in Tanzania’s national parks, where the government ordered them this week to remove their cattle. Men in drought-hit Haryana died while trying to revive a well. The European Investment Bank made its biggest ever water loan to finance London’s Thames […]


The Stream, January 9: Two Fracking Lawsuits Filed in the U.S. This Week

The Global Rundown Two lawsuits involving hydraulic fracturing were filed in the United States this week. In Pakistan, residents of drought-stricken Tharparkar District are getting relief from the Sindh provincial government, and the Indus River Delta is being swallowed up by rising sea levels. In Florida, engineers must find a way to send water from […]


The Stream, May 16: Study Links El Niño to Global Crop Production

Water Scarcity The El Niño weather phenomenon, predicted to occur later this year, leads to an average 1.4 percent drop in global wheat yields and a 2.3 percent drop in corn yields, while soybean yields increase an average 3.5 percent, according to a new study published in the journal Nature Communications, Bloomberg News reported. El […]


The Stream, September 26: Algal Blooms Cause Manatee Deaths in Florida Estuary

Water Quality Large blooms of algae in Florida’s Indian River Lagoon have destroyed sea grass beds and forced manatees to eat poisonous macro algae that can kill them, NPR reported. The algal blooms are thought to be the result of nutrient-rich water releases from Lake Okeechobee and seeping septic systems. Australia’s government is requiring environmental […]


Federal Water Tap, September 2: Everglades Restoration Plan

Increase the Flows The Army Corps of Engineers has released a draft report on how it plans to implement a $US 1.7 billion project to revive the Florida Everglades. In essence, the corps will send more water south from Lake Okeechobee, treat it to remove phosphorous, and let it drain slowly to mimic natural filtration […]


Federal Water Tap, February 18: Climate Change a Financial High Risk to U.S. Government

Climate Change Risk The U.S. government’s internal watchdog added two new items to its list of high-priority risks to the federal government: financial risk from climate change-related catastrophes and insufficient data from weather-monitoring satellites. The Government Accountability Office’s high-risk list – which emphasizes areas vulnerable to fraud, waste or mismanagement, or areas in need of […]


The Stream, October 2: India River Dispute Continues

Farmers Protest, Attempt to Turn Off Pumping Station The BBC reported yesterday that hundreds of farmers from Karnataka begun protests against releasing water to neighboring Tamil Nadu in accordance with a recent Supreme Court order. Traffic was blocked and schools went on holiday. Today, reports that a truck from Tamil Nadu was attacked. Business […]


Federal Water Tap, August 15: Making Water Investments

The Price of Restoration As part of the Everglades restoration project, the Department of Agriculture announced it would allocate $100 million to the state of Florida under the Wetlands Reserve Program, the Miami Herald reports. The money will be paid to ranchers in four counties northwest of Lake Okeechobee who give up development rights on […]


Everglades Get Sweet Deal in U.S. Sugar Contract

The U.S. Sugar Corporation has approved a $1.34 billion sale of 180,000 acres of land to the South Florida Water Management District. The management board is set to vote on the contract mid-December. According to the South Florida Business Journal, the deal should allow the creation of a waterway running from Lake Okeechobee to the […]