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The Stream, December 16: India Relaxes Stance On Indus Water Dispute

The Global Rundown Officials in India showed willingness to participate in talks with Pakistan over disputed hydroelectric projects in the Indus River Basin, despite earlier objections this month. Scientists in the United States warned Congress that rising sea levels due to climate change could significantly alter efforts to restore the Florida Everglades. Hundreds of thousands […]


Federal Water Tap, December 12: House and Senate Pass the Turducken of Water Infrastructure Bills

The Rundown Water infrastructure bill delivers a lot of meat and a panful of drippings. EPA survey finds nutrient pollution is biggest stressor for U.S. lakes. EPA drinking water advisory group discusses lead and unregulated contaminants. The number of dams in the United States increases in new survey. To aid wetland health, Lake Ontario water […]


EPA Announces National Wastewater Nutrient Pollution Census

Agency will study nitrogen and phosphorus removal at wastewater facilities. By Brett Walton, Circle of Blue The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency calls nutrient pollution the “single greatest challenge to our nation’s water quality.” Rising concentrations of nitrogen and phosphorus in waterways, the agency reports, are a significant threat to human health, ecosystems, and local economies. […]


Federal Water Tap, August 1: Energy Department Report Endorses U.S. Hydropower Growth

The Rundown The Energy Department identifies a path for more U.S. hydropower. The White House issues a cyberattack response plan. The EPA issues water quality recommendations to protect fish from copper and selenium, while the EPA’s internal watchdog delays an investigation into the Gold King mine spill. Federal agencies make “little progress” on a national […]


The Stream, July 22: Understanding Drought And Unlocking Solutions

The Global Rundown An alarming number of citizens in China have been killed or are missing because of intense flooding. The history of drought in Ghana could hold clues to avoiding famine. One U.S. agtech startup is re-engineering drought-resistant seeds at the microbial level. Regional drought is effecting the Amazon’s ability to mitigate global carbon. An unlikely Olympic athlete from a […]


The Stream, July 21: Citizens Calling for More Government Assistance During Floods and Droughts

The Global Rundown Scientists in Israel are pulling water from out of thin air. Farmers in Australia remain out of luck when it comes to government subsidized drought insurance. Farmers in Afghanistan, however, are benefiting from government sponsored programs. The United Nations and South Korea have teamed up to support impoverished women in Viet Nam. Violence connected to water is […]


The Stream, July 20: Trillions of Dollars at Stake Due to Global Warming

The Global Rundown New estimates place worldwide financial losses due to global warming by the year 2030 in the trillions. South Africa is rethinking the potential of hydropower. Israeli is continuing to develop desalinization solutions. Southeast Asia is looking like an attractive investment opportunity for U.S. water infrastructure companies. A sacred mountain sits at the center of a Tibet–China […]


The Stream, July 19: Controversy Over Major Power Plants Could Affect Critical Waterways

The Global Rundown Opponents of a proposed power plant in Bangladesh are appealing to the United Nations in order to protect the world’s largest mangrove forest. Pakistan and India continue to quarrel over two hydropower plants currently under construction. Coral around the globe is at increased risk because of warming waters. Mozambique recently received nearly $100 million in financial support for drought […]


The Stream, July 18: Floods Wreaking Havoc in Asia, Water Deficits Almost Everywhere Else

The Global Rundown Flooding in parts of China and India is leading to widespread evacuation and property destruction. South Sudan is expecting an injection of water infrastructure capital from a major financial institution. Data suggests that much of the world will register water deficits over the next several months. Pakistan is cracking down on a criminal element springing up during […]