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Worldwide Drought May Soon Knock on Britain’s Door

Facing severe water shortages, England now offers its citizens less water than Egypt and might one day grow as thirsty as Australia. A new report by the Environment Agency, a public body for protecting the environment in England and Wales, calls for strict water use controls in Britain. Climate change threatens to dry up much […]


The Latest Corporate Social Responsible News: Saving Water

Source: CSRwire – March 24, 2009 – The role of business, investment, and media in solving global water crises. “Australia’s 12-year drought provides a litmus test for the viability of water solutions. Circle of Blue, a media company focused on water, launched a new web-based platform called Idea Central to gather solutions to Australia’s toughest […]


Interactive Map: Biggest Dry

An interactive map of Circle of Blue’s coverage of “The Biggest Dry“. Use your mouse to drag the frame left, right, up or down. You can also use your mouse to zoom in and out. Map by Terrell Robbins.


The Biggest Dry

Australia’s Epic Drought is Global Warning Circle of Blue Reports The grievous consequences of drought and global warming are more visible and dangerous in Australia than in any other industrialized nation. Wildfires last month killed 210 people in Victoria. The country’s greatest wetland, the Coorong near Adelaide, is drying up. And as it does, the […]


An Elder’s Prayer for The River

Fish Come Back Dead Red Gum trees, Lake Pamamaroo near Menindee. by Keith Schneider Photographs by J. Carl Ganter Circle of Blue Reports MENINDEE, New South Wales – Aunt Beryl Carmichael, a storyteller and elder of the Ngiyaampaa (nee-yump-pah) people, was born more than 70 years ago on an Aboriginal mission across the Darling River […]


The Biggest Dry: Photo Gallery

From any eye and all angles, the Murray-Darling River Basin conjures a grand but vexing vista. It stretches over a thousand miles across southern Australia. Its tributaries, wetlands and billabongs determine the landscape of those who live there — thousands of lives that in turn shape its fate too. J. Carl Ganter, an award-winning photojournalist, […]


Behind Curtain of Fire, A Land Disfigured By Man and Drought

Can a Century of Canal Digging, Channel Constructing, Man Made Plumbing Be Undone Once a farmer now a conservationist, Greg Ogle stands among Australia’s giant Red Gum trees northwest of Swan Hill that the epic drought has killed (click image to enlarge). by Keith Schneider Photographs by J. Carl Ganter Circle of Blue Reports Greg […]