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The Stream, July 19: Heavy Irrigation Causes Land Subsidence, Arsenic Contamination in California’s Central Valley

The Global Rundown Large-scale irrigation causes California’s Central Valley to sink, as well as polluting drinking water with arsenic. Officials in Bangalore, India, fail to keep “rejuvenated” lakes clean. As private springs run dry, drought-stricken Scotland provides water to citizens not connected to the public supply. Officials fear an algal toxin has tainted drinking water […]


The Stream, August 24: High Levels of Arsenic Discovered in Pakistan Drinking Water

The Global Rundown Millions in Pakistan may be exposed to water with unsafe levels of arsenic. Alaska’s permafrost is on the verge of thawing, which would release large amounts of carbon into the atmosphere. Residents in Washington State take a stand against mining along the Green-Toutle River. Greenland’s Lake Catalina could release up to 9 […]


The Stream, May 1: Arsenic-Contaminated Water Threatens Health In Northern India

The Global Rundown Millions of people are at risk from water contaminated with high levels of arsenic in India’s Bihar state. Depleted reservoirs have created water shortages in Hyderabad, India. Europe’s dependence on soybean imports from water-scarce areas of the world could increase food prices, a study found. The rapid pace of hydropower development in […]


The Stream, February 23: Arsenic Tolerance Found in Desert Communities

The Global Rundown Some communities, such as those living in Chile’s Atacama desert, can better withstand high levels of arsenic in their drinking water, researchers found. Scientists discovered seven Earth-sized planets that could hold liquid water, and potentially life. Nigeria’s government enacted a curfew in areas of Kaduna state after conflicts over grazing land and […]


The Stream, April 7: Millions in Bangladesh Drink Arsenic Contaminated Water

The Global Rundown Approximately 20 million people still drink water contaminated with high levels of arsenic in Bangladesh. Hundreds of residents in Flint, Michigan filed a racketeering lawsuit against the state’s governor over lead-contaminated water. Nearly half of World Heritage sites are threatened by industrial activities, a report found. A new NASA experiment will determine […]


The Stream, January 25: Milk, Arsenic and Mexico’s Water

Arsenic Arsenic is tainting freshwater supplies in Mexico’s Laguna region, the country’s biggest milk producer, as dairy operations, upstream dams and climate change deplete aquifers, AlertNet reported. In Chile, people exposed to high levels of arsenic in their drinking water during the 1950s have a higher risk of cancer despite subsequent contamination control, according to […]