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The near future, like tomorrow: An interview with Alex Rivera, director of Sleep Dealer

During an interview with Circle of Blue, director Alex Rivera discusses his recent film Sleep Dealer. He reflects on the impending future it predicts — a future of water privatization, virtual labor, and corporate surveillance. Science fiction, he believes, is a political genre that can be used to rethink not only resource extraction, but also […]


Sleep Dealer: Border control, mind control, and privatized water

TRAVERSE CITY, Michigan – Sleep Dealer, director Alex Rivera’s first film, explores a dystopian future of corporate-controlled water where Americans indenture the nervous systems of would-be Mexican immigrants to operate robots across the border. Labeled as a low-budget science fiction film, Kirk Honeycutt of the Hollywood Reporter applauds Sleep Dreamer, claiming that it “takes many […]


Digital Drought: Australia’s Future on Fire in Acclaimed Media Project

Australia’s drought remains severe, but the award-winning interactive drama project, Scorched, offers a searing reality check for Australians nationwide. The year is 2012 and Sydney, facing raging bushfires, is finally out of water. As politicians, journalists, and ordinary citizens race to save their country, the project urges real Australians to join the not-so-fantastical fiction. Using […]