Lake Erie Algae Bloom Hits Pelee Island, Moves Toward Sandusky

Lake Erie algae alive and well. Photo courtesy T. Archer /…

California Senate Passes Groundwater Reform Legislation

The Assembly votes on Thursday.

Detroit Water Shutoffs Resume; Bankruptcy Lawyers and Banks Cash In

Attorneys and finance specialists collect tens of millions in fees.

California’s Dogged Drought Cutting Off Water Supplies to State’s Poor

Farmers are guzzling groundwater while wells of families run dry.

Infographic: Toxic Algae in Ohio Drinking Water Sources

Algae toxins have been found in seven lakes, reservoirs, and rivers that supply drinking water to 1 million people.

Seven Ohio Drinking Water Sources Don't Meet State Water Quality Standards for Toxic Algae

Lack of testing requirements inhibits more thorough review of…

USGS Report: California Freshwater Withdrawals Are Lowest Since 1960s

Californians are taking less water out of rivers, lakes, and…

California Lawmakers Move to Protect the State’s Collapsing Groundwater Supply

New rules seek sustainable use, but the details will be written later by local agencies.
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