New Federal Rules Expand Ways to Keep Prescription Drugs out of Waterways

Pharmacies, hospitals, and distributors are now authorized to…
Grass carp Aquatic Invasive species Asian carp Lake Erie U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Great Lakes Threat

Great Lakes States to Track Asian Carp and Prepare for Future Invasions

Using invasive carp already present in Lake Erie, agencies practice response for more damaging species.

In Nepal, Deadly Landslide Has Calmer Second Act

Dammed by the landslide, the Sun Koshi River breaks free. Image…

Ogallala Groundwater Study Will Set Stage for Colorado Water Conservation Debate

Farmers want to know the economic and social ramifications of…

World Water Week Offers Answers To Scarcity, Pollution, and Security

Stockholm hosts largest-ever international conference on global…

More Trees Mean Less Water for California's Mountain Rivers

If global warming increases vegetation in high mountain zones,…

Circle of Blue Live From Stockholm World Water Week

Three Choke Point sessions on the fierce competition between…

Lake Erie Algae Bloom Hits Pelee Island, Moves Toward Sandusky

Lake Erie algae alive and well. Photo courtesy T. Archer /…

California Senate Passes Groundwater Reform Legislation

The Assembly votes on Thursday.

Detroit Water Shutoffs Resume; Bankruptcy Lawyers and Banks Cash In

Attorneys and finance specialists collect tens of millions in fees.

California’s Dogged Drought Cutting Off Water Supplies to State’s Poor

Farmers are guzzling groundwater while wells of families run dry.

Infographic: Toxic Algae in Ohio Drinking Water Sources

Algae toxins have been found in seven lakes, reservoirs, and rivers that supply drinking water to 1 million people.