U.S. Foreign Aid Agency’s New Water Strategy Targets Health and Food

The U.S. Agency for International Development last week unveiled…

Sequestration Takes a Big Cut from USGS Water Research Programs

Less money means fewer staff positions and fewer research projects…


The long road to information about a federal study of fracking’s…

Texas Water District Finds Few Friends in Quest for Water in Oklahoma

A water rights case to be argued in the U.S. Supreme Court this week has national implications.

Don’t Believe the Hyperbole: Kansas' Reputation as a Backward-thinking State is (Partially) Wrong

When it comes to water management, Circle of Blue reporter Brett Walton thinks Kansas is a beacon on the plains.
Kansas Geological Survey, infographic, ogallala aquifer, drought

With Locals at the Helm, Kansas Charts New Course for Groundwater Management

As they have been doing for decades, political leaders and water managers in Kansas are upending Western water law traditions that originated before the state was even part of the Union.
Cotton irrigation dryland farming Ogallala Aquifer Texas

Texas High Plains Prepare for Agriculture Without Irrigation

Southern farmers are making changes now to wean themselves from the Ogallala Aquifer, a water source that gave rise to industrial agriculture and modern life on its plains.
Music lovers congregate at Hart Plaza Fountain in downtown Detroit during the Movement Electronic MusMusic lovers congregate at Hart Plaza Fountain in downtown Detroit during the Movement Electronic Music Festival in May 2012.ic Festival in May 2012.

What an Emergency Manager Might Mean for Detroit’s Water Utility

There are many questions and few conclusions right now about…

Texas Legislature Discusses Drought, Water Planning, Reservoirs

Consecutive hot, dry years have Texas lawmakers pondering billions…

After Superstorm Sandy, Leaders Assess Disaster Plans and Mull Climate Change Adaptation

Water utilities prepare for bigger storms and rising seas. Photo…

U.S. and Mexico Sign Major Deal on Colorado River Issues: Delta Restoration, Infrastructure, Water Sharing

The agreement marks a turn in Colorado River management. Senior…

2012 Election Guide: Obama and Romney Say Little About Water, But Important Decisions Await Voters

One week from today, on the first Tuesday in November, American voters will not only choose their representatives. In many states and cities, those casting ballots will also make decisions about their water supply.